Youtube SEO Tips for Influencers

With Search Engines making huge strides in leveraging Video content in search results, the emergence of smart home hubs with screens prioritising video content over written…ensuring that your Youtube content is SEO savvy has never been more important! 

So what can you do to improve your Youtube SEO?


  • Front-load your keywords within your Youtube title. Research has shown that the beginning words of a title has a higher weighting in importance and search query relevancy than the last words of the titleFor e.g. Lemon Polenta Cake recipe:

    Lemon Polenta Cake – the best recipe…. Is a much stronger title than How to make Lemon Polenta Cake by…
  • Commenting is the strongest engagement indicator for a search engine. Engagement rates indicate content superiority. Make sure you’re adding your call to action in your videos to drive engagement!

    CD Tip: hyper-specific CTAs work much better to drive action. Therefore be specific on what and how you want your viewers to comment.
  • Be specific with your Tags. Using too many can confuse Youtube and Search Engines as to what your content is about. Follow this method: Make the first tag the same as the keyword you want to rank for . i.e. lemon polenta cake. Then use a few more tags as variations of the keywords you want to rank for. Then use a few broader ones e.g. baking, recipes, gluten-free.

    CD Tip: use the autofill in the search bar to give you ideas
  • Learn from the competition by using the tags of competing videos to come up as a suggested video 

    CD Tip: You can do this by right-clicking and VIEW PAGE SOURCE – then searching for KEYWORD and you can see their tags 😉
  • Write longer video descriptions. Think of this as a mini-blog post of 100 -200 words approx. Make sure to link to your blog post within the description too.
  • 8-15 minutes is the golden length for videos
  • Add brackets in your title if possible e.g. ….(gluten-free) / (vegan) etc . Analysis has shown that adding brackets also help in the comprehension of subtopics and categories which span your video content. CD Tip: Where relevant add the year in brackets at the end of the title, making sure to update each year. This is great to help for those searching for content on a search engine where recency is a huge factor in relevancy to a search query

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