WordPress Hosting: The Good, The Great and The Ugly

Self-hosted blogs are for serious bloggers.

You already know that Blogger, Squarespace or WordPress.com will never offer you the same freedom and massive functionality that self-hosted WordPress troughs at your feet for free.

Well, almost for free.

You still need to figure out things with your hosting provider.

“Finding a reliable hosting provider is like dating – you may have to get through a bunch of weird and creepy dates until you finally find a reliable and trusted partner to support you no matter what.”

Hosting is the backbone of your blog.

If it glitches or fails you – all your efforts of crafting and promoting your content go in vain.

If it’s not secure enough, spammers can easily hijack it and you can lose your reputation and search rankings within one blink.

If it’s not fast enough, your readers will just bounce off and Google gets a negative signal about your blog, thus ranking it lower in the search results.

You do know most of these things already. Yet, getting decent WordPress hosting still stays low on your agenda. You are a creative after all, not a web developer!

So what a girl to do? Settle for less? Start the “hosting dating” game, hoping to meet the one sooner, rather than later?

Today, we’ve decided to play matchmakers for you.

Meet Wp Engine – our tested and trusted partner in crime.

WP Engine Managed Hosting and WordPress Support: Why We Love It!

Getting started is so easy.  If you are moving your blog to WordPress.org or simply changing your hosting provider, getting started with WP Engine is as easy as a pie.  Choose your plan, make the payment and let the pros do their job. You don’t need to do any techy stuff that sounds intimidating to most of us.

Always on Call:  Just like a great boyfriend, WP Engine customer support ninjas always answer your texts within a few minutes.  24/7 nearly 365 days per year. If you have a burning question or noticed an odd glitch, you are just one quick message away from instant help.

Nothing is left unattended.  These guys are amazing when it comes to your blog security. Since we’ve started using them the amount of spam traffic in our Google Analytics decreased drastically and we never had even a tiny hint of malware being anywhere around our website.  Their managed hosting plan comes with an in-built firewall, which guards your data from all the modern web hazards. Plus a Malware scan system, which runs daily checks and leaves zero chances for any creepy viruses slip through.

Rocket Speed.  Ever noticed how fast some image-heavy blogs tend to load even with slow connections or on mobile? Most probably they are on WP Engine too. These guys have a unique caching system in place that can load even “heavy” pages within just a few seconds. On top, they never fail with speed even when you have a gazillion of people trying to access your blog at once (that usually means your post just went viral, congrats!).

Always got your back! Now, we all like experimenting with designs and new plugins once in a while. And when things go wrong (and that happens to a lot of us), we go absolutely nuts! WP Engine always has you covered as their plans go with a 1-click restore function and automatic backups. Meaning, no matter how badly you’ve messed up, you can revert the changes in just one click! How awesome is that?

Do you need help migrating your blog?

We are on hand to help you do this, simply contact us for assistance


Interested in getting to know more about WP Engine? Check their website and browse the available plans here!


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