WordPress Hosting and Migration Made Easy with Fantasktic

When it comes to hosting your WordPress blog, you need to keep in mind that not all hosting is created equal and it’s often a case of ‘you get what you pay for.’

There are currently four main types of hosting: shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers and managed hosting providers. When you first start out with WordPress hosting it’s likely that you’ll buy shared hosting from a site like GoDaddy or Bluehost. They’re well known hosting sites that offer cheap hosting, so why wouldn’t you go for them?

The problem is that as your fashion blog grows, the support provided by these bigger hosts tends to get worse. If you come across any problems with your WordPress blog, which lets face it, happens to the best of us, it’s unlikely you’ll get the support and answers that you need – eek!

So what’s the solution?

Thankfully you don’t have to stay with your original hosting provider. If they’re not supporting you with the advice & answers you need, you can migrate to a new hosting package – phew!. This time, I recommend going with a dedicated WordPress host. They’re popping up everywhere, with some of the best being WPengine, Synthesis, Rainmaker and Pantheon. All of these dedicated WordPress hosts offer excellent support to fast growing WordPress blogs!

This dedicated WordPress hosting providers will also support your blog with improved security (your data is secured on its own server), excellent scalability and speed, round the clock support and access to useful tool offerings, ticking every box for what your fashion blog needs. Some dedicated WordPress hosts also offer managed hosting packages, which are top of the range and great for those running high traffic blogs!

Migrating to new WordPress hosting

So you’re great at fashion blogging but not so great at the technical bits of running a blog, so the thought of trying to migrate your entire site to a new host will be pretty terrifying! Thankfully, you don’t have to do it yourself.

Fantasktic specialises in moving WordPress blogs to their new dedicated hosting – pretty simple isn’t it? They understand the importance of your blog’s content and uptime and therefore make the migration and on-boarding process as easy and stress-free as possible.

They work on everything from single installations to premium enterprise blogs, helping their clients to save time and money. Not only that but they also carry out migrations without downtime. This means that you can keep your existing site up and running on your existing hosting until it is ready to go live on your new hosting, which means your readers won’t miss out on any of your content! Fantasktic even say that you can continue to create content and work on your site throughout the migration process, as they’ll simply transfer your content across free of charge, they literally have all the answers!

With Fantasktic’s WordPress hosting migration service, you remain in full control of your blog. After they have completed the migration, you will be able to review and approve your new blog before it goes live. Fantasktic complete the majority of migrations within just seventy two hours and offer additional support options to those who require them – simple as that!

If you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of migrating to new hosting yourself (don’t worry the majority of bloggers do) then Fantasktic is the service to use.

chloédigital uses Fantasktic

chloédigital has been using the Fantasktic Synthesis migration service and we love it!

I highly recommend it to any fashion bloggers out there who are looking to migrate their blogs to dedicated WordPress hosting but don’t have the means to do it themselves. I can also help if you need any assistance with a migration!



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