Why Reworking Your Old Content Is A Great Thing For Your Blog

As a style publisher it’s likely that you spend a good few hours every week creating fresh new content for your blog but don’t you find that your new content gets old pretty fast? Constantly creating new content is great for attracting readers and improving your blog’s SEO but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your older posts. Here we’ll explain why your old content is valuable and how reworking it will achieve great results for your blog.

Old content is great for SEO

Head to your Google Webmaster Tools (say what now?) and check out your most linked content. I bet you that your most linked to content is what you would class as “old”. Go to your Google Analytics and dig a little deeper into where traffic to your old posts is coming from and you’ll probably find it’s search engines. Old content gets linked to, shared and clicked on over time, helping to boost your overall search engine rankings.

Updating old content

So now you know why your old content is still important, it’s time to find out how you can rework it to achieve better results! First, take a look at some of your old posts and ask yourself, are they still accurate? Often you’ll find that as things change in the fashion industry, content you have created in the past may no longer be relevant. Updating your old content (which may still get hundreds and thousands of pageviews every month) is a great way to keep things fresh, relevant and accurate for your readers.

Save yourself time creating new content

Updating your blog’s old content and ensuring it’s relevant will obviously give your credibility a boost but it can also save you a significant amount of time too. Updating, re-publishing and promoting old content can save you from having to create as much new content every week.

Obviously it’s important for SEO that you still create new content on a regular basis but taking a few days out of your publishing schedule to re-work and promote old content will give you more time to think up new ideas and create better quality content.

Avoid competing with yourself in searches

If you’ve been running your fashion blog for a little while, it’s likely that you will have covered a topic more than once – perhaps offering a different take on it. Whilst it’s great that you’ve managed to create multiple pieces of content from a single idea, you may find that it’s resulted in you competing with yourself in search engines and made it difficult to achieve a higher ranking.

By re-working your content to combine the ideas, you’ll only have to focus your efforts on promoting and increasing the rankings of a single post, giving you a much better chance at success! Bet you never thought of that, huh?

Increase your conversions

Last but not least, reworking your old content can help you to increase traffic and generate higher conversions. This is why it’s so important that you go back through your old posts and check that they’re not only relevant but also provide a strong call to action.

If the call to action is outdated, then why not update it? See if there’s a way you can improve the call to action copy you originally created or update it with a new call to action that is of more value to your readers. For example, if you’ve recently created an e-book on starting your own blog and you come across an old blog post you had written on blogging tips, why not link to it and create a new call to action telling your readers to download it?

Or if you use affiliate links, such as from rewardStyle, in your posts, the items you would have linked to back then may be expired now, here is your chance to update them and remonetize on your old posts!


An additional benefit to reworking your old posts is that when you update content it’s good for SEO. Google loves updates to content so much that an old piece of content with updates last week will tend to rank a little bit higher. That extra bit of tweaking can only be a good thing.

It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in creating new content for your blog and forget about some of the great posts you created in the past. Schedule a little time to look over your existing content and see if there’s a way you can re-work it to generate better results. It’ll be worth it – trust me!



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4 responses to “Why Reworking Your Old Content Is A Great Thing For Your Blog

  1. Chloe, I have a quick question about this…

    Totally agree that revising older posts to update links and/or content in general is a good practice.

    Sometimes in articles written for the like of Forbes, Jezebel, etc. I will see that the author has indicated “This post updated on “blah blah date” etc” — do you think that’s a necessary disclosure for bloggers in general? My gut tells me it really shouldn’t matter much, especially if you aren’t specific about what exactly was updated.


    1. I am a fan of transparency, your readers will thank you for it. You provide great content, doesn’t mean what you did a while ago is not great and/or valuable to them now.

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