Why guest blogging increases your site’s SEO, traffic and engagement

When it comes to improving your fashion blog’s search rankings, what you do off-site is equally as important as what you do on-site. Building links back to your fashion blog is great for increasing its rankings but it’s one of those things that bloggers feel a little unsure about.

There’s no denying that link building has caused a lot of controversy over the last few years. The problem was that people were building links from spam sites, blog networks and fake sites, which obviously didn’t sit very well with Google. Does this mean that you can’t build links back to your site? Nope! In fact, links are still an important ranking factor; you’ve just got to make sure you get them the right way.

Guest blogging

One of the best ways to build high quality links back to your fashion blog is through guest blogging. Get your content featured on other high profile fashion sites, with a link back to your blog and it’ll do wonders for your SEO!

Here are a few tips to help ensure you get the most out of guest blogging…

Check it’s a high authority website

It’s also important to find out the page rank and domain authority of the blog you plan on doing a guest post for. Try and obtain guest posts for sites with Google Page Authority of 4+ (scored 1 through 10) and Domain Authority of 20+ (scored 0 through 100) as getting a link from these sites will benefit your fashion blog’s SEO the most. To check how well a site is indexed use this free tool, found here: http://checkpagerank.net/index.php.

Is it relevant to your blog?

Don’t go posting on any old blog! It needs to actually be a blog that is relevant to your fashion blog or the link back won’t seem as natural. Stick to fashion, lifestyle and beauty websites in particular and you’ll be just fine.

Avoid low quality sites

When it comes to improving your SEO, it is way better to have a few backlinks from high authority websites than hundreds of links from spam sites. Never be tempted to do a guest post for a site that appears spammy or features poor English. If you spot multiple spelling mistakes and grammar errors, it’s best to look elsewhere. NEVER buy a guest post from a service provider without knowing the URL of the site before you place the order.

Guest blogging is great providing you go about it the right way!

Guest blogging can do wonders for your blog, providing you place your posts on the right sites. It is not only a great for getting links to your site and improving your search rankings but also engaging new readers and driving traffic your way. Follow the guest blogging tips outlined in this post and you’ll be onto a winner!


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