Community Why as a Fashion Blogger You Should Accept Blog Comments

We don’t know about you but for chloédigital, one of the best things about running a blog is reader engagement. Knowing that your posts are actually being read and enjoyed by others can give you such a boost and if they’ve found your posts helpful, well that’s even better!

Many of the fashion bloggers we work with ask whether or not they should be accepting blog comments and we say, go for it! Sure, you’re bound to get a few spam comments here and there but accepting blog comments on your fashion blog will prove to be very beneficial, so we’ve created a two-part series to highlight the gains of reader interaction.

Encourage engagement

One of the main reasons why you should accept blog comments on your fashion blog is that it will encourage readers to engage with you. Engagement is essential for building up a strong relationship between you, the fashion blogger and your followers.

Readers will often have questions about a topic you have addressed in a blog post, so by accepting blog comments, you can give them a chance to ask you. Not only that but it’s likely to encourage other readers to engage with each other on your blog and spark a whole conversation!

You may even find that comments from your readers inspire you to write other blog posts. We’ve certainly found that here at chloédigital.

Keep in mind, the more quality comments (something we’ll address later) you have, the more likely people are to want to read and follow your blog. Encourage readers to engage with you, not only by accepting blog comments but asking for comments and thoughts on your content at the end of your posts.

Improve SEO

Another reason why you should accept blog comments is that it’s great for SEO. Pages with a number of high quality comments are proven to rank better! Google will see that people are engaging with your blog and will perceive it as offering a better user experience.

Tips for accepting blog comments

High quality only

Whilst we encourage you to accept comments on your fashion blog, it’s best to make sure that they’re high quality. Reject any that just say ‘loved this’ or ‘great read’ as they’ll be seen as spam comments and won’t do your blog any good!

Make comments no-follow

Make your blog comments no-follow so that you don’t pass link juice onto people who link to their blogs from their comments on your blog. You can add the no-follow attribute in WordPress to improve your SEO. For more information about “no-follow” attribute, please read this post.

Install a spam tool

The easiest way to filter out spam comments is to install the Askimet Blog Commenting Spam Tool. This will prevent you from having to sift through pages of spam comments yourself.

Whether you’re new to the world of fashion blogging or looking for a way to improve your blog, we highly recommend accepting high quality comments from your readers. Not only will it encourage engagement but also benefit your search rankings too. Want to know if you should be commenting on other blog sites? Make sure you check out our blog next week for part 2 of our series!



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