Which Social Media Platforms Offer The Greatest Organic Reach?

Social media these days is a very crowded space!

We have advertising lurking into our feeds, brands competing for our attention and endless updates our oversharing friends keep posting.

For a blogger, it can seem hard to join the competition for user’s attention when huge brands toss thousands in advertising and promotion – which they do, actually, because they struggle with reaching their target audiences organically.  

Now, before we get into the specs of what’s going on with social media nowadays, let’s define the key terms.

Organic reach stands for a number of unique users that have seen your content. The number includes both people who have interacted with your content (liked, re-shared, commented) and the people who have discovered your content via other users’ actions. Think of this as ripples. You’ve thrown a stone (your post) and watch the ripples grow into bigger circles till they dissolve.

Paid reach stands for the views and social actions you have gotten via an advertising campaign e.g. by paying the social network for exposure (yes, I’m talking about you, Facebook).

Did you know that an average organic reach of Facebook pages with over a million likes is just 2.27%?

This number became almost insignificant after the Facebook Newsfeed algorithm update, when the network cut down the amount of content from Fan pages being shown to users. The reason? There are over 15,000 posts on average competing to appear in a user’s feed each day.

Now, apply those numbers to your following. Yikes! That probably doesn’t sound like a rewarding number for all the efforts you’ve invested in building your community there. It doesn’t mean you should completely abandon your page, but you should definitely re-adjust your social strategy.

So what are the better options? Find out which are the tree social media platforms with the highest organic reach, and learn how to best use them to grow your blogger authority.


Instagram has been steadily growing in the past few years and now boasts over 300 million monthly active users. Until recently, the network was completely ad-free (meaning, less competition for users’ attention in the feed).

Big name fashion publishers like Hermès, Christian Louboutin and Burberry are now choosing Instagram in favor of Facebook.

The average organic reach on Instagram is 20%, with an average post receiving over 250 user interactions.

Quick tip: You can enable auto-post on Facebook to syndicate your Instagram pictures. This is a real time-saver and a great way to keep your FB feed active.

**Update**- After time of publishing, Instagram announced an algorithm-based change to its timeline. The new feed interface will show users content based on data of their previous interactions with users and posts, following the steps of father-company Facebook. The immediate consequence for style publishers is clear: without a chronological content feed, Instagram is no longer a Social Media platform with 100% organic reach.


Snapchat is no longer a teen app to exchange silly selfies. This year, the app made a successful rebranding move and has gotten a number of big names on board like CNN, The Verge and a few other news publishers interested in showcasing and curating real time stories.

Brands are steadily realizing the power of Snapchat as well – this platform offers the highest engagement rates so far as users access the app 14-22 times per day on average.

How you can use Snapchat? Mainly to leverage your personal brand and establish a more private conversation with your readers. Remember, the network allows you to gain their complete attention while they check out your snap.

You can use the network to post and announce exclusive sneak-peeks, share more personal messages and gauge the reader’s’ anticipation for your upcoming posts.

While the social ripple effect does not happen here – your snaps are visible only to your followers – the competition for attention is also smaller.


The inspirational pinning board offers much better organic exposure than other platforms since your pins can reach a lot of people, even those who don’t follow you.

You just need the initial small boost to land re-pins from a few other users and your content will travel from there on its own.  The average visibility of a pin is 151,200 minutes, compared to 90 min on Facebook.

How to draw more attention to your pins? Join relevant group boards to showcase your work while your personal following is still growing. You can discover relevant boards in this directory.


What are your favorite networks right now? Which ones generate the most engagement for your content?

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