What To Do When Creativity Leaves The Room

Running a successful blog requires a great deal of creativity. Indeed, your brain needs to constantly come up with new content ideas to meet your readers’ expectations and keep your blog content’s quality high. But there are moments when even the most creative style influencer runs out of ideas and faces a creative block. So what can you do when this dreadful moment happens? Simply follow our tips!


Blog comments can be a great source of ideas as readers are often curious and suggest topics you could write about by leaving questions in your blog’s comments section. And if your readers are quite shy and don’t leave many comments be proactive and ask them questions about what they’re struggling with or what interests them the most in your newsletter. Your audience is the people you’re actually writing for so there is nothing wrong in asking and developing new blog ideas from them.


Your old content never goes out of style! Sometimes you can overcome your creative block and win the stress of meeting your deadlines by reworking your older posts. Have a look at your most successful blog posts, check them with a fresh eye and update them to make sure that they’re still relevant. Check out this post to find out all the other benefits of reworking your old content!


Listening to podcasts related to your business can inspire the creative process just as much as reading. But unlike reading, they give you the possibility to multitask, which is essential for a busy style publisher. You can listen to a podcast on your way to a photoshoot or while working on your blog’s design, providing you topics ideas at any time of the day. Here we’ve flagged up seven podcasts every boss lady should check out!


Guest posts are great for your SEO, traffic, and engagement, but they also offer you a smart way to overcome your creative block and post fresh content on your blog. If you’re struggling in finding inspiration, why not ask an authoritative blogger to guest post on your site? And don’t forget to offer to reciprocate: your SEO will benefit from it and it might be a great springboard for future collaborations!


They say creative people often have messy workspaces. If this definition applies to you as well it might be that the one thing impeding your creativity flow is right your cluttered desk. Tidying up your work environment can be a good way to help yourself switch into a more proactive mood and allow your flux of creativity to flow again. And don’t forget to finish up your spring cleaning by creating killer moodboards to keep yourself inspired!


Finding new ideas for blog posts is one of the main challenges of being a style publisher. Keep being on top of industry news and don’t be afraid to dig for more information: staying curious is what fuels creativity.

Back to you! What do you when you have a creative block? Let us know in the comments below!

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