What Killer About Me Pages Have in Common

You’ve probably noticed that your “About me” page gets quite a lot of hits. Hands up, it’s one of the most important pages of your website.

The question remains, however, – do you use it to leverage your personal brand?

Your About page is the layering stone for building relationships with your readers. If you’re playing your cards right, this page is anything but boring and steadily brings you a ton of new raving fans and regular subscribers.

Not sure if your About page is killer? Fret not! In today’s quick guide we’ll share the key elements all attractive About pages have in common.

Identify Your Target Audience First

Before rushing into writing or editing, spare a moment for a bit of daydreaming.

Who do you write for? Who is your ideal reader? What interests them the most? What are their values, fears, and problems? What inspires them or makes them laugh?

Jot down all the answers and characteristics that come to your mind.

Once you know who you’re writing for, it’s easier to craft an attractive, converting About Me page.

What To Include in Your About Me Page

To quick start your writing start with answering the next “W” questions:

  • Who you are  a quick “hi, my name is” intro with an elevator pitch about your persona. Imagine you are asked to introduce yourself to a new group of peeps. Don’t forget your location, so readers and collaborators that want to reach out know where your network lies.
  • What you blog about – outline the type of content your readers can expect to find at your outlet e.g. healthy recipes, DIY guides, fashion posts etc.
  • What sets you apart a short bragging section where you can show off what you are good at and why your readers should choose to bookmark and return to your blog over and over again.
  • Why you blog, or why you started this answer can be boiled down to your tagline and niche.

Spice It Up With a Picture or Two. A crisp, large and professional looking picture can make a huge difference for your About page. If a reader is keen to know more about the author, they would love to see and associate a certain face with the words. If you have multiple on-site contributors, do include a pic of everyone with a short byline introduction.

Give Your Readers Directions. Now that you’ve showed who you are and what topics you cover, give your readers some guidance into the right direction e.g. a curated list of “Best of the Blog” or a link to a specific landing page/your email subscription page. Don’t let them lose interest and bounce off. Guide them to your most valuable pages while they are still curious!

Offer Some More Insights. A quick FAQ section based on the common answers landing in your inbox (or an interview-styled one) will provide more touching points with your audience and keep them keen on learning more about you.

Keep Them in The Loop.  Last, but not least – show other ways how they can connect with you and get instant updates. List your social media profiles, plus contact information. Don’t forget to mention your newsletter subscription once again.

Edit! Edit! Edit! I’ve written a killer “About me” page from the first attempt….said no one ever! You may need a few rounds of serious edits until you’ll love what this page says about you.


Back to you: What does your “About me” page includes? Do you feel like it offers the max value to your readers?

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