Perfect the Art of an Welcome Email

Welcome Email for bloggers vs e-commerce

Before jumping into the frequently asked questions on Welcome Emails, we want to clarify that creating a Welcome Email for e-commerce is different from a Welcome Email for bloggers. Although its importance, best timings and inspirations could cross both lands, when you are looking into the elements to add to your welcome email, there is not a lot of information in what you should include as a content creator.

Most of the articles and advice we have seen online are not really tailored to your work as a blogger so this was a most needed article on our blog.


Why sending a Welcome Email as a blogger

A welcome email is one of the best ways for you to make a good first impression when someone shows their interest in you.

It is an opportunity to create a deeper connection with your new subscriber and show them what value can you add to their life when popping into their email inbox.

Looking into the measurables, a Welcome email will also help you:

  • Increasing Open rate
  • Increasing Click-through rate
  • Reducing unsubscribes
  • Reducing the risks of your email land on spam

What to include in a Welcome Email if you are a blogger

There are no golden rules in terms of what to include on your welcome email. Although, after years looking into data and creating welcome emails, we have identified the main sections to include in a perfect Welcome Email:

  1. A thank you note from you appreciating your new subscriber and let them know what they could expect to receive on their inbox going forward.
  2. Ask them to book your email as a safe sender on their email platform
  3. Direct them to your blog. There are a few different ways to do it:
    1. A round-up of your best content
    2. A round-up of the content you want to be known for
    3. Your latest content
  4. Get social sharing a snippet of your favourite social media network – Pinterest & Instagram are the most popular, although if you prefer you can also use Youtube.

When to send a Welcome Email

A Welcome Email should be sent immediately when the subscriber registers to get updates from you. Otherwise, they may forget what they sign up for and ignore your email affecting your email performance.

Great examples of Welcome Emails

Want to check the best inspirations for your welcome email? Check out our collection with the best examples to inspire you.

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