3 Website Engagement Statistics to Start Tracking Now

Ensuring audience engagement is imperative in order to both build your brand and drive consistent revenue! Did you know your Google Analytics can help? Do you know what statistics to look out for? Beyond Return Users, here are a few key Google Analytics website engagement statistics you should be monitoring now:

Bounce Rate

This percentage figure tells you how often people leave the page. The lower the percentage the better, primarily and helps your Google Domain Authority ranking. However, sometimes it can just mean that your audience is getting what they want from that page. Therefore it’s important to assess the bounce rate across your site and content types to build a deeper picture of user engagement. It’s also worth looking across different verticals: beauty, food & drink, fashion etc as there will likely be different bounce rate benchmarks per industry. Check out this article for some benchmarks to work against.

Session Duration

This goes without saying, that the longer you keep people on your site, the better! It implies that people are digesting your content and having fun with it. Lower numbers here could indicate that your page layouts and design could use a bit of improvement. Something to think about!

Pages Per Session

Not only is time spent important but how many pages, is equally indicative of website engagement. The more pages per session indicate that you’re doing a great job engaging with your content and internal linking, which is beneficial for both SEO and user experience! It might be a good idea to also look at time PER page too to see if certain pages do better at keeping people on-site compared to others. Knowing this will help you to create better pathways of engagement throughout your site.

Need some more Analytics tips to up your statistical game? Check out our Analytics blogs for more insight.

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