3 tips to make visually cohesive IG Reels

We recently shared some tips on mastering IG Reels. As you’re likely to have dipped your toe by now, it’s time to take a step back and assess whether you have visually cohesive IG Reels within your IG platform. Here are some tips doubling down on how to maintain your IG visuals game:

Master the cover

Featuring your reels in feed is a must to boost your reach and visibility. Therefore, it’s wise to master the art of a visually cohesive IG Reels branded cover photo which you can add at the beginning of the short video. Our tip: make sure that there is a point of difference between the styling of Reel cover photos and your IGTV to build interest and structure to your feed.

Use a filter

As mentioned in our reel blog, we suggest using the same, if not similar, filter for your reels to ensure the same look and feel throughout. There are 2 ways to do that.

  1. When shooting the reel, use the inbuilt AR filters by hitting the Effects button before shooting the reel in real-time. You can then select a similar filter to your own aesthetic
  2. Add your video to your camera roll, then process through an IG content editing app (e.g. VSCO or Lightroom), finally adding to your IG

Text Overlay your CTAs

It’s clear that following someone upon viewing their reels isn’t the most intuitive process with the current UX set up in Reels. Some have found FOllower count success whilst a majority of content creators have found that despite the level of reach, follower counts haven’t increased. This indicates that driving a desired action within reels, given the current set-up, might be challenging. Our tip: use text overlays in your covers and in reels to clearly get the CTA across. Use an app like InShot to add branded borders and overlays to your video content.


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