Uncertain times: What can you do as a Content creator?

It is our mission to bring our community together in the digital space. More than ever, we believe in the power of influencing and that your role in society is important.

Social isolation and social distance will have an impact on bringing everyone together in the digital space. While your community is looking for information, they are also looking to get distracted and have a taste of normality. During this time, your audience will be reaching to you as their role models.

More than ever is important for you to show your voice and intention to your community. During times like this is normal to feel lost and we wanted to provide you with some guidance on things you could do:

  1. Follow your mission more than ever and adapt it to this time. Keep providing value to your audience by acknowledging that times are changing and tone your mission to be aligned to it. Be intentional and thoughtful.
  2. Rethink your message before hitting publish. Your community is facing challenges and it is more vulnerable. Opt for a calm, composed and approachable tone.
  3. With more time at hand with cancelled events, trips, gatherings; use this time to invest in something you have not had time for yet. For example: learn how to create videos with TikTok.
  4. Try to focus more on indoor applicable content both visually and copy. We are huge supporters of re-promoting content, take a look into your top content for the last 3 years and see what indoor-suitable content you could republish or repromote rather than feeling the strain to create from scratch.
  5. Take the time to deeply connect with your audience by being there to listen to them.
  6. Plan your content calendar for the upcoming months. Not only the blog content but also email marketing campaigns and even social posts. With more time to think, you can create thoughtful and long descriptions that would help connect with your audience.
  7. Create a freebie and exclusive content for your subscribers.
  8. Think about the products you have planned to create and start outlining them. If you have doubts about where to start the journey, check our Business Guide.
  9. Take the time to shout out to creators you admire and small businesses on social and/or your blog.
  10. Check with brands and partners who you can still support during this time. It is a weird and uncertain time for your partners too so make sure you are keeping in conversation with them.
  11. If your brand projects have been postponed, focus on your affiliate and ad revenue generation. When focussing on affiliates, be mindful of the backlash of overconsumption at this time and ensure that you’re assessing the status quo of your readers.
  12. Lastly, spark joy! Do what you can to spread hope and happiness with measured and diverting content. Make sure not to spread misinformation!

For more business tips, especially your engagement with brands, check out the Influencer Business: A podcast by Trove on Influencers & coronavirus: How it impacts your business and how to get help.

We know it is easy to get caught on the work bubble but, at the end of the day, take time off to recharge. We won’t tell you to turn off the phone as you can use your phone to video call your friend while having a glass of rosé. Take care of yourself so you can feel good about supporting others.

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