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Spyfu is your sneaky tool to sky on the competition, learn to improve your competitive content, and take over the world. The tool is paid and limits your results to the top 5. But this is still enough to work with so as to focus your attention on ONLY the best performing content. Got to keep that standard high! 

Visit https://www.spyfu.com/


  1. Type in your competing URL then hit enter (nb we used refinery29 for our example)
  2. At the top you’ll get their monthly traffic breakdown. What you want is at the bottom when you scroll down to the “Top Keywords” section. Here you can see what posts generate the most traffic for this site:SpyFu tutorial for influencer seo
  3. Let’s select the top one:SpyFu tutorial for influencer seo
  4. This will then give you some baseline information on how competitive this keyword is. I.e. if it’s even worth your time. You want a high mix of monthly searches and a low ranking difficulty. (in the example below, this is an example of a very difficult ranking keyword it’s near 100. For now, let’s use this for the purpose of continuity 🙂 
  5. SpyFu tutorial for influencer seo
  6. So we’ve picked something to go after! Click back a page and then click on VIEW ALL ORGANIC KEYWORDS
    SpyFu tutorial for influencer seo
  7. Here you can see the URLs that this site ranks highly for – you can click on the one we isolated earlier and then take a peek at the article

  8. What you want to take note of is how thorough this article is. Does it have any areas that you haven’t covered? Is there any room for improvement? Use these answers and take your related article, and make it even more magical!



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