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Tutorials: LSI Graph

Latent Semantic Indexing – or LSI for short – roughly translates to variations of a word or phrase and it’s conceptually related terms. 

For e.g. for a food blogger:
“Cold brew” you could have for LSI keywords – “filter”, “cold coffee”, “grind” etc

As an influencer, LSI is worth embracing in your content as it helps Search Engines determine if you’re an authority on a topic. Going beyond just putting in variations of the same word/phrase within your text, using related terms is also a must to improve your content depth score.


LSI Graph is a simple tool that can help! https://lsigraph.com/

  1. Type in a broad keyword phrase relating to your content you want to better optimizelsi graph tutorial for influencer seo
  2. You then get a list of results of variations of that keyword that search engines consider relevant
    lsi graph tutorial for influencer seo
  3. Keep going down the rabbit hole by clicking on relevant results that work well for your article
    lsi graph tutorial for influencer seo lsi graph tutorial for influencer seo
  4. Make a note of the keywords you find relevant and list them. Then use these in your article.
  5. Bonus tip: make-note of any recurring themes and linked keyword phrases for potential niche content you haven’t yet written or have in your back catalogue that could do a spruce-up. Or, add an extra section to your main pillar article if possible to make it even better as a quick way to improve your article that you’re currently working on.

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