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If you’re wanting to see what is the best performing content on a topic that you want to dominate in order to plan your strategy to improve your SEO, then Buzzsumo is your tool.

Not only will it give you the best performing content on a topic or site, but also the social power of the content too. A good all-rounder of a tool!

Go to: https://buzzsumo.com/

  1. Type in a topic of choice that you want to rank well for. For a fitness blogger this could be “weight loss”

    buzzsumo tutorial for influencer seo

  2. You’ll then be given all the top-performing content on the topic.

    buzzsumo tutorial for influencer seo

  3. If you pay attention to the titles here you can see some trends on what related content is also high ranking. In this instance, it’s “keto”. If you were to find a more niche angle to target, this could be a viable place to start.

  4. You’ll also notice a breakdown of how the content performed via social in driving traffic to the article. This can be useful if you want to see if there are niche content areas that perform better on different channels. For example in KETO articles seem to share well on Facebook Whereas, the RECIPES got most shares from Pinterest. buzzsumo tutorial for influencer seo

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