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Tutorial: Google Trends

Google Trends is a free service provided by Google that allows you:

  1. research keywords
  2. find popular content ideas
  3. create a content calendar


If you are looking to set up your content game and create searchable content, we will strongly recommend you to check this tool at least monthly when creating your content calendar or brainstorming blog post ideas. When you feature popular and relevant keywords that readers will be searching for, you higher your chances of them finding your blog posts!


You don’t need to create an account to start using Google Trends, you just need to access the website and start planning around with data. Ready to go?

  1. Type the term you are looking up on the search bar Tutorial-Google Trends
  2. Adjust your search parameters by Country, Time, Category and Search’s type Tutorial Google Trends
  3. In the first graphs, you will find information about how often that keyword is been searched for and where the most searches happen for that term
  4. Where the fun starts… In the last blocks of Google Trends report, you will see two different areas for Related Topics and Related Queries. These stats are great to know what brands and more specific areas Google’ searches are looking for.  You can order them by “Rising” and “Top” and you can even click on the download icon to save the information.Tutorial Google Trends
  5. If you are in doubt between two terms, you can go back to step 2 and add more keywords to see how they compare in terms of searches behaviour.Tutorial Google Trends




When you’re at the Google Trends homepage, scroll down till you find a section with reports for what was trending on Google by year. Curious to know what were the top searched fashion brands in 2018?

Google trends 2018

After all, looks like trends are not only for the fashion industry, right? Take advantage of this great tool provided by Google to leverage your organic search results by providing pertinent and useful information to your readers.

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