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Tutorial: Google Ads Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a tool provided by Google that allows you:

  1. research keywords,
  2.  find related keywords
  3. get historical statistics and traffic forecasts


Concepts to be aware of:

  • Volume is how much a keyword is getting searched on Google
  • Competition is how much a keyword is also being used by other sites (making it harder or easier for you to stand out)
  • What you want is high volume and low competition – what is not easy to get nowadays with short keywords…
  • Always aim to use the focus keyword that matches how the searcher is looking – if you use it in shape of a question is even better due to the increase of long-tail keywords searches.

Once you sign in to your Google Ads account, it is super easy to use the Keyword Planner tool!

  1. In the upper right corner, click the tools iconGoogle Ads Keyword Planner Tutorial
  2. Then under “Planning”, click Keyword PlannerGoogle Ads Keyword Planner Tutorial
  3. Two options will appear on the screen and if you are looking to find new or related keywords, you should go for the first box “Discover New Keywords” Google Ads Keyword Planner Tutorial
  4. Type or paste:
    1. Box 1)  one or more search terms
    2. Box 2) the URL of a web page or entire website related to your business
    3. Box 3) click on “Get Results” Google Ads Keyword Planner Tutorial
  5. A new screen will load with ideas and historical statistics, like average monthly searches or competition data: Google Ads Keyword Planner Tutorial


As you can see you have not only the exact keyword you type but also similar that you can use on your content as similar terms. You also have a list of suggested related keywords to explore and give you more ideas of content that you can write in the future related to the term you looked for.


The Keyword Planner gives you a good insight when you don’t know what keyword to use or are looking for cluster content topics. A great tool to keep on your bookmarks to make your content searchable and better.

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