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Tutorial: Answer the Public

Do you know that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020, per comScore? If you are not using long term keywords yet, is time to upgrade your game! Answer the Public is an online tool that allows you to:

  1. convert any keyword into a long term keyword in shape on a question
  2. get a list of ideas to create long-form content by replying to the most FAQs related to the topic of your article


Answer the Public has two different plans, Free and Pro, and today we will be covering only the free service. Ready, Set, GO!


  1. Type your keyword in the search bar and click on “Get Questions” TUTORIAL Answer the PubliC
  2. Boom! All the question-thinking-process did for you. The darkest the green tonne, the most searches that question gets.TUTORIAL Answer the Public
  3. You can download the questions graphs and even decide if you want to see the words cloud or organized by tabsTUTORIAL Answer the Public-


Super easy, right? And an open door to long format and cluster content to create articles based on what searchers are looking for related with your core.


By including these answers on your content you will become more searchable appealing. If you want to be an authority on your niche always remember to provide useful information to your readers and answer the questions!

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