Top Writing Tips For More Engaging Content

Content creation is a key part of the business of blogging. And while the blogosphere looks every day more saturated, engaging content is what can make your website stand out and help you build a loyal and responsive following.

Connecting with your audience through your writing is what makes your blog go a long way so we’ve decided to round up our top 5 tips to help you write highly engaging content. Keep on reading!

Hook Them In

The first sentence is usually a break it or make it and for this reason is one of the most difficult ones to write. It has to be both engaging, attracting your audience’s attention, and also tell them what your post is about. According to the message you want to send through, as well as your writing style, you could start with a quote or a stats or even with a thought-provoking question. Don’t be shy and talk to your readers as if they were your closest friends; how would you attract their attention on your latest anecdote?

A Strong Headline Game

Due to the high number of blogs and to the enormous availability of online content, readers tend to quickly scan through the many blog posts on their search result and click on what truly grabs their attention. Therefore a strong headline is as important as a strong first sentence. But keep in mind that click-worthy headlines are not always clickbait so don’t write an over-sensational or exaggerated headline; instead focus on including a few keywords and make sure that your headline makes a promise it can keep, meaning that it delivers the content. Always remember that you’re writing for people, not for search engines!

Pss, a great idea is also to tap into Google Analytics and see what blog posts perform best. You might spot a trend and realise that your readers tend to prefer numbered titles over How-to’s!

Be Short And Concise

Truth is nobody has time time for super lengthy paragraphs. As we mentioned in this blog post, your task as a blogger is not to add as much ‘text’ as you can to your post but to communicate a valuable message and share your experiences and thoughts with your community. Offering a more ‘snackable’ content is a great editorial strategy as it also gives your audience the possibility to digest it better.

Good Grammar Is Highly Engaging

A great idea is pretty much nothing without a just as good grammar. If your readers spot a grammar mistake this will negatively impact the rest of the content as well as your authority as a blogger. That’s why you should always (and we mean always) proofread your posts before hitting the ‘publish’ button. And if you’re still in doubt you can always use tools other than your brain and your eyes, like Grammarly!

An engaging writing entails playing with words and using analogies, as long as they’re perfectly written!

Be Unique

Meaning be yourself. Your blog post idea might not be original and there might be hundreds of other bloggers writing exactly the same type of content. However, they’re not you and this is what matters to your readers. Your audience chose to be part of your community because of your personality so let it shine through! There’s nothing more engaging than being your true self, consistently.

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