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We’re strong believers in constantly learning. To spread the word of our interesting finds, we will share our top reads each week. We’ll update this each week, so keep checking in 😉

Top reads of the week | May 29th

  1. As email marketing is popping off with strong engagement, OPR and CTR compared to pre-COVID, you should really be using it as a pillar of your multi-channel content strategy (if not doing so already that is). Email is a prime channel to nurture your audience’s trust and establish engagement. Have a read of this article on tips on how to open the dialogue with your audience via email.
  2. Whilst most brands put a pause on product launches during Lockdown…some took advantage of the white space and generated greater EMV with carefully curated and adapted comms. Take a read of Tribe Dynamics top April Beauty Brand report to see who fared well and why.
  3. Last but not least….Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest Chrome extension is finally here! Get ready to make search data comparison and keyword ideation a simpler process. Check it out now.

Top reads of the week | May 22nd

  1. As activity is kicking off on Pinterest, Pinterest is giving out new guidance on how to best manage your Pins and Boards to optimal performance. Take a read here of their advice.
  2. Whilst a lot of Influencer marketing has been left in the air, there are indications of the essential nature and impact influencers have in times of uncertainty. Read the WWD article on the question: Are Influencers the Escape Social Media Wants During Coronavirus?
  3. We’re all for better understanding tech innovations here at CD. To stay on top of the game Vogue Business have launched their Tech Edit podcast to look at the future of fashion tech. Get listening!

Top reads of the week | May 15th

  1. Video has become an essential component in top-performing content marketing plans. It can be a tricky one to get right, however. Read Hubspot’s article on building a solid video marketing content strategy.
  2. Get inside people’s mindsets by adopting socially listening to your strategy. More important than ever as we…dare we say it….live in unprecedented times….sorry….
  3. Why so serious? When in times of crisis, the tone can often feel sombre for your audience. More-so now than ever consumers are looking for emotional uplifts. Address the difficult times but have scope to be your humourous self! Take a read of some examples of humourous subject lines to get you chuckling.

Top reads of the week | May 8th

  1. It’s easy to get caught up in the social engagement boom but it’s crucial to remember why your site is vital in your digital strategy even more so now than ever! Check out Hubspot’s new research on why people read blogs and why blogging well and truly is alive and well in 2020!
  2. The impending financial crisis is a weird hole to stare into, and yet certain buying behaviours are maintained in times of crisis. Case in point: the luxury industry. Check out the review of why people spend on luxury during hard times to help recalibrate your conversion strategy.
  3. Apparel brands are getting creative in their campaigns – quarantine but make it fashion! Take a read at how a few brands have used creative at home campaigns to good effect during the lockdown.

Top reads of the week | May 1st

  1. Tik Tok engagement is booming but it doesn’t mean it stops at just being present. Check out E.L.F’s Tik Tok strategy case study on how understanding audiences nuances upped their game.
  2. Now, it’s been a draining experience influencers as they spend even more time than ever listening to and connecting with their audiences. Sometimes you just need to refuel…check out HBRs guide on how to do that yourself.
  3. You are watching people go through withdrawal from the emotional addiction to the myth of certainty” – Ashley C Ford. As hard as it is, uncertainty is actually an essential part of living. Check out the Mark Epstein podcast on the topic now.

Top reads of the week | April 25th

  1. Engagement is booming on social with readers using Pinterest named namely to provide them with both actionable content or visual relief. Take a look of the global micro trends report to help keep abreast of what your audience is pinning and why.
  2. As we all cling on to the pandemic roller-coaster, finding empathy in your communications is must to better engage with your audiences. However, creating content right now can be a tricky task in itself. Take a read of this article for an approach to how.
  3. As online shopping booms, the products to which are converting are shifting as our needs and emotions evolve. This article is a great way to assess immediate industry affect to better inform your affiliate strategies.


Top reads of the week | April 18th

  1. With Instagram Live views up 70% in the first week of April and all the Live events happening around the web, we have partnered with Digital Brand Architects to launch a new platform: Your Live Guide. Get to know more about the project on Business Insider.
    As Instagram Live use skyrockets, a ‘TV guide of live content’ is launching to help users find and schedule the best ones
  2. Lives are not only great for Content Creators but also for brands. See how fashion brands are using this feature in their digital strategy during the pandemic.
    How fashion brands are growing Instagram Live viewers as everyone flocks to the feature
  3. What will happen in a world post Coronavirus? Will remote work become the default? What will happen to the health and education system? Emma Rose Bienvenu shared her predictions.
    7 Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus World


Top reads of the week | April 11th

  1. The way we as consumers interact with digital has dynamically changed. Take a read of Vogue Business’s take on how the fashion-focussed influencer are redefining their businesses.
    Fashion influencers find new opportunities during Covid-19
  2. Certain industries like swimwear and travel have been undeniably hit. The key here is to pivot your messaging and deliver value during this time. Here’s a great example of how this has been done by a swimwear brand.
    Why this swimwear startup just launched an emotional support hotline
  3. It’s no doubt the role of the influencer has come into highlight during the pandemic as more people look for digital content as a means of escape. Take a read of WWD’s take on the situation.
    Are Influencers the Escape Social Media Wants During Coronavirus?

Tune in next week for more reads!

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