Top 2017 Plugins For Your Blog

Plugins make WordPress blogging platform ever more awesome. You don’t need to hire a developer to create a new piece of software or DIY it. You just make a couple of clicks et voila – a new “helper” sits in your Admin dashboard!

But the choice can be overwhelming with thousands of plugins available in the official WordPress repository and beyond it. Our team has lined up some of the must-haves for style publishers in 2017.


Any online publisher should have this one installed. Think of it as coconut oil; it could be used for all sorts of beauty and cooking purposes, right? So does JetPack. It will assist you with multiple blogging chores.

What makes it so cool:

  • Glanceable analytics at your dashboard: pageviews, unique visitors, traffic sources etc. (however, Google Analytics still remains the most reliable metrics tracking tool available, trumping all the other tools and plugins for its holistic stats view!)
  • Enables automatic sharing to social media networks.
  • Adds an extra layer of security to your blog.
  • Quick and easy to use SEO tools.
  • Additional styling options for your blog such as infinite scroll, related posts and so on.

Yoast SEO

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that the CD team loves Yoast! It makes the basic SEO thing so much easier.

What makes it so cool:

  • Integrated keyword optimization guidelines for each blog post.
  • Duplicate content scanning.
  • Readability test.
  • Automatic tech configurations for the small things like your sitemap, robot.txt and .htaccess files.
  • Helps you create a better taxonomy system.

You can read the full review and additional explanations here.


SumoMe offers a great pack of tools to help you boost your traffic numbers and subscribers count.  It will also help you to engage with your audience on a new level.

What makes it so cool:

  • Customizable pop-ups of all shapes and sizes. You can make those as small or as large as you like and strategically place them on your blog.
  • Highlighter: mark the quotes within your content and let readers share them on Twitter in one click.
  • Heat Maps will show you how people navigate through your blog and what they pay attention to.
  • Advanced social media sharing: i.e. send any image from your post to Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook in one click.


While getting blog comments is awesome, it’s not so fun to dig through the spammy and self-promotional entries left on your blog. Akismet will help you filter out the bad ones without spending hours on it.

What makes it so cool:

  • Automatically sends suspicious comments to moderation/spam folder.
  • Enables auto-approval for frequent, genuine commenters.
  • The worst spam is blocked automatically and doesn’t eat up your hosting space. 



Strategically planning your content and editorial strategy is so important. Coschedule will help you do that and more. All your future postings will be neatly organized on a calendar and you can pre-schedule them both for publishing on the blog and being posted on social media as well:

What makes it so cool:

  • Create publishing checklists, set deadlines and invite collaborators if needed.
  • Pre-schedule your social media updates along with new posts.
  • Integrated social media analytics and content performance stats.
  • Filtering, tagging and advanced search function for all your content campaigns.


Are you a chloédigital publisher? Take action with this post by asking your support specialist about the latest plugins and how to incorporate those!

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