Tools to Create Rich Results for Search Displays

Want to make yourself stand out in the search engine crowd? You’re not alone. Google is also looking for ways to deliver the right content to people via rich results. This might be the ticket you are looking for! 

Rich Results are snippets that enhance normal page results appearing in the top of the search, normally on position “zero” even above the first results on the page. They are dynamic, informative and stand-out on the page, get better visibility for the user, and offer higher rates of clicks. 

The real question is: How can my content appear as a Rich Result? You can improve your chances of obtaining a rich result by adding up content with structured data. And yes, by using a WordPress website, there are already a few plugins that would help you mark your content.

While not all the pieces of content would be suitable for a Rich Result there are a few that could make sense for your business. For example, PRIMER is a plugin to allow the products in your images to be discovered by search engines and their users. Cool, right? The focus here will go for the products being featured instead of the keyword you are using on your article. 

Just be aware that even if you are marking up content with structure data that doesn’t mean you will show up on position “zero”. Accordingly with Google guidelines, “Using structured data enables a feature to be present, it does not guarantee that it will be present.” Google also created a tool to test if you are compliant with its technical guidelines and to let you know if there are any improvements you should be aware of. 

Today we are giving you our favourite tools on working on rich results, ready to take a ride?

Tools to Create Rich Results

  1. Rich Results status report 
  2. Primer Guidelines & Download
  3. Structured Data Guidelines 
  4. Structured Data Testing tool

You have the tools, but don’t forget the other part: the content! Remember what Google prioritizes: Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness.

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