Tips From The Experts To Make Killer Mood & Concept Boards

Today, let’s talk personal brands and aesthetics! At chloédigital we believe that a strong personal brand can single-handedly shape your blogging career.

Every touch point with your personal brand matters, and small changes can make a major difference in how your audience perceives you.

To create a cohesive, fabulous and irresistibly attractive personal brand you have to make sure even the tiniest things work in your favor. For instance simple, beautiful moodboards can be a killer asset for both your blog and social media presence. 

Luckily for you, we’ve asked the experts for help! Our friends at Trays have put together a list of design and layout tips that will help you communicate your personal brand seamlessly!

Trays is a new digital tool designed to make you look like a graphic design wizard, without having to master Photoshop or InDesign. Take it for a quick test drive to produce a beautiful moodboard in minutes – yes, we swear!

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Ok, so here they are!

Tray’s Design Tips To Make
Killer Mood & Concept Boards


Firstly, stick to a simple layout -like the ones below- that best fits your needs and what your audience is after:

Top Banner

A widescreen image spanning the width of the Tray is the most dominant, and is often an inspirational image that sets the tone for the rest of the board. A long moodboard works really well to engage users on sites like Pinterest where continuous scrolling is encouraged.


  1. Top banner layout for blogger moodboard

Running Bond (like bricks)

This dynamic layout keeps the eye moving across the page and can create unusual juxtapositions of images. Remember that you don’t have to show the entire image, but can crop to the area you want to focus on. A square composition like this is ideal for publishing on Instagram.

running bond layout for blogger concept board

The Classic Grid

This layout creates a sense of harmony and balance, especially if each of the squares is the same proportion.

classic grid composition for blogger collage

Remember to limit the number of images on your moodboard to those that are visually cohesive, and keep your color palette simple. Try focusing on 1 dominant color and 2-3 supporting colors. A strong color palette can unite images that are actually very diverse in type.

colorful trays collage
Now back to you! How do you make collages? Have you tried Trays moodboards yet? Don’t forget you can get a whole month of Trays’ Pro subscription for free! Use the promo code ‘chloetraysvip’ at their checkout.

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