10 Tips for Working from Home with a Loved One

Having worked remotely for a couple of years, the CD team has some of the best insights on how to make remote-work … work. Although, with recent social isolation in place, we have been forced to get closer to our significant others and share our precious working environment.  How can we make our relationship survive? How to NOT kill your partner? How can I keep sane?…

…are just some of the questions trending on Google Search right now. So, we have some advice to share with you.

10 Tips for Working from Home with a Loved One

  1. Respect each other’s spaces. Pick a place to set up a working station for each of you. At the end of the day always remember to tidy up the space. An extra note here as we have a lot of calls at CD, if one needs to have a call then that person takes priority for the quiet spot – believe us it helps a LOT with your concentration.
  2. Take care of each other. Sometimes your schedule will get busier so it is nice to have the other person refilling your water – and it works both ways.
  3. Be honest. If they are getting on your nerves, tell them! Then work together for a solution. It is important to set boundaries from the beginning.
  4. Block times slots. Try to set times where you are both working and not working. After all, if they take a break and watch Netflix, it is not fair on you and you may end up distracted as well.
  5. Spend quality time together. Being enclosed in the same space doesn’t equal spending quality time together. Look at each other’s schedules and plan quality time together – cooking together in the evening counts!
  6. Maintain your independence. It is possible to spend time apart doing different tasks while living 24h in the same place. For example, if you call your friend, it doesn’t mean that you all need to be on the same call.
  7. Equality. Remember both your work is equally important as they both contribute to the household so don’t pretend in any moment that your job is more sacred.
  8. Be Patient. It takes time to find a new routine but with calm, you will get there. Just remember that eye-rolling each other is not a good start.
  9. Set up your rituals and make them clear. Figure out how to best get prepared for the day and respect each other’s rituals. The same goes for decompressing in the evening!
  10. Mix it up. Avoid getting into a rut each evening and ensure you’re maintaining excitement with different activities. It can be very easy to fall into a progressive slump without spontaneity.

We are in this together! We also want to hear your own tips and tricks! Leave us a comment below with a tip for working from home with your partner.

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