The Top Three Great Uses of Landing Pages Beyond Email Subscriptions

A landing page is an invitation – it funnels new visitors in the right direction and prompts them to take the right action e.g. subscribe to your newsletter. However, that’s not the only way to rock with a dedicated landing page on your blog. Here are just a few prime examples from our CD babes that illustrate how a single page can be leveraged to fulfil multiple goals.


Unlike other blog pages, a landing page is designed to accommodate a very specific action – subscription, sales or another marketing action. The layout, design elements and copy should be arranged to make accomplishing that action easy for the user. One landing page typically pursues a single goal – promote a product, make a sale, receive more inquiries etc. For instance, take a look at Coco’s Tea Party landing page for her premier eBook:

This standalone page highlights her main offering – The Ultimate Guide to Blogging. The copy speaks directly to the ideal buyer, a newbie blogger, who wants to get to grips with the basics of publishing and blog marketing. The product benefits are later re-enforced by personalized testimonials from other influencers to make her offer sound even more credible.

Unlike a blog post, a landing page is less time-sensitive and you can strategically direct traffic to it from social media and other posts to generate more impact. This brings us to our second point…


A landing page can convert higher than any other page on your blog. However, the conversion rate will highly depend on the way your page is designed and how your copy is structured. Creating a new page that looks just like your average blog post will not yield any miracle results. So here’s a quick blueprint for you:

  • Pinpoint one goal you want to achieve with your new landing page – e.g. more affiliate sales for a seasonal campaign from sponsor Y.
  • Think about the best content marketing type that will help you achieve that goal 
  • Consider your ideal buyer – their age, product preferences, budget, and a problem you can help them solve.

Keep that ideal persona in mind and start working on your main message, supporting copy and page layout. We’ve got you covered with the last point. Here are the critical elements all high-converting landing pages include:

A killer headline and persuasive sub-headings

This is a short, sweet, attention-grabbing bit of copy that clearly describes your main offer and lures the user to scroll down the page and discover more. Here’s how Ella Gregory & Monica Beatrice set’s the vibe for their podcast:


Plain text pages are not fun, and they do not do the trick of converting more users. Make sure you use on-brand, relevant and high-quality photos to illustrate your offering.

Deal Explanation

A short, snappy summary outlining what exactly the user can receive on this page is essential. For example, a cool training product, or unique personalized offers and discounts and so on. Your explanation should be benefit-oriented and communicate “what’s in it for them”.

Trustworthy Testimonials

Ask your blogging BFFs to endorse your offering. Make sure that their testimonials sound genuine and compliment the benefits you have listed earlier.

Powerful Call-to-Action

After you have built up the anticipation and described your offer in detail, it’s time to seal that deal. Include one prominent CTA to match your goal. It could be styled as a ‘purchase’ button, or an attractive ‘subscribe’ or ‘contact me’ box.

Et voilà – you should now have an attractive, yet punchy landing page to help you achieve your business goals faster.


If you don’t have a signature offer to promote, you can still make great use of a landing page – use it to engage and activate new readers. You can craft a dedicated landing to familiarize new readers with your blog just like Caitlin from The Dash of Darling does:

Her landing page immediately shows what new readers can expect to find on her blog, sets the right ambience and points them towards her most popular posts.


Back to you! How are you using landing pages on your blog? Do you plan to experiment with new page types based on our tips? Let us know in the comment section below!

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