The Top SEO Tools of 2017 to Help You Optimize Your Blog

The weird and wonderful SEO — some bloggers swear by it as the best way to generate consistent traffic, while others just can’t wrap their mind around it.

Previously Team CD published a quick SEO knowledge round-up explaining all the essential best practices. Today, we follow up with a list of the top SEO tools that will help you rank your blog and gain new readers!


Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) may look a tad bit intimidating at first, but fret not! Give yourself time to explore it. For starters, have a look at the next tabs:

  • Search Traffic > Search Analytics shows your current rankings for different pages, keywords, and device types.
  • Search Traffic > Links To Your Website shows a fraction of other websites linking out to you. It’s a good way to check those out and thank the blogger for a mention.
  • Search Traffic > Mobile Usability tab will tell you if there are any intruding errors when your blog is viewed from a mobile device. Your website must be responsive and mobile-friendly as over 60% of search traffic now comes from smartphones.
  • Google Index > Blocked Resource indicates if Google cannot access some pages of your website. If it’s an important one, this should be fixed ASAP!
  • Security Issues – shows if your blog was hacked or infected with malware. Here are the steps to defeat blog malware for good!

For more insights, check out our guide to GWT for bloggers.


Google Analytics will reveal all sorts of juicy insights about your readers and how they interact with your blog. Interpreting it for fun and profit is simpler than you think!

First, explore the ‘Audience’ tab. Here you can learn more about your readers and their browsing patterns including:

  • Demographics and interests
  • Location
  • How readers navigate your website (User Flow tab)
  • What browsers and gadgets they use
  • How engaged they are
  • And more!

Now, take one step further and try using the acquired data to:


This tool hardly needs lengthy intros. Yoast is a one-stop-shop for on-site SEO optimization. Use it to organically incorporate keywords in your blog posts, include ALT tags to images and format your content for maximum exposure!

Here’s a comprehensive review from us explaining how to use it!


Available as a desktop tool for Windows and Mac, SEO Spider will help you evaluate your on-page SEO, meaning understand how “friendly” your blog is for search engines. Specifically, this neat tool will assist you with the following chores:

  • Find (and fix!) all the broken links on your website – both internal and external ones.
  • Analyze your meta descriptions and page titles and improve them if needed.
  • Uncover duplicate content (ouch!) and update it.
  • Generate an XML sitemap for faster indexing.
  • Show blocked URLs (non-accessible by search engines) and assign specific tag properties for them.
  • Setup accurate re-direct links that will not harm your website.


Fact – neither readers, nor search engines tolerate slow loadings websites. Google PageSpeed Insights will show you how well your blog performs in terms of speed on desktop and mobile devices, scoring it on a 0 to 100 scale, and suggests possible optimization steps including:

  • Optimizing your image size.
  • Getting rid of unnecessary and duplicate CSS/JavaScript Code.
  • Improving browser caching.


You already know that optimizing your content based on certain keywords is the best way to make it rank higher in search results. Yet, discovering those relevant keywords can be tricky. The web-based Keyword Tool will give you plenty of additional ideas and show how frequently different keywords are searched for and how competitive they are.


Earning links and mentions from other publishers demonstrates to Google that your blog is credible and popular. Open Site Explorer will help you review your current link profile and work on additional opportunities for getting links – think guest posting, getting press mentions and collaborating with other influencers.


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