How to write an Instagram Caption?

Finding ways to better your engagement with your readership and drive the desired action are top priorities for our CD Babes. There is no doubt that Instagram is a great arena to which you can use to do both things. Most the attention is normally driven to visuals, so our question for you today is: how much effort are you putting into your captions? Captions are key to building a better connection and pushing your followers to act.

We’ve compiled a list of rules of Instagram captions to help you up to your game:

1. Length of the IG Caption

Try and keep it succinct and within a paragraph. Instagrammers’ attention span is quite low therefore longer captions don’t tend to do as well. That being said, it depends on the sentiment of your caption. If you need to tell a story, then elaborate. Just make sure you’re being purposeful and sparing with your longer captions…which brings us to the next point.

2. The Point

Your caption is your opportunity to provide VALUE. What is the point of the image, what do you want to achieve from it and what action do you want to drive? Bear in mind the structure of captions and where the READ MORE point comes. This means that you have to front-load the value and hook to the first sentence to entice people to read the rest of the caption.

3. CTA

You have them hooked. You have them reading. Now what? Get them to “do”. Whether that is to discuss, click a link, tag etc – you need to make sure that there is a clear call to action in every caption.

4. Format of the IG Caption

Readability is key. Reading long bits of text on mobile is off-putting for many therefore breaking up text is imperative for engagement. Is there anything you can add as a list rather than a paragraph? Can you separate into sections? Formatting like this on Instagram can be tricky. To add a break follow these steps:

  • Backspace to the last character in the sentence
  • Hit the return key


Extra resources to write better CTAs

Here’s some further reading to help you on your captions journey:

Extra resources to increase your Instagram results

Apart from paying attention to your captions, there are more tactics you can use to grow your Instagram. Take a look into our free Instagram Guide with tips for your feed, Stories and even Lives.

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