The Problem with Duplicate Content and How to Fix it on your Fashion Blog

There are many ways you can improve your fashion blog’s SEO but there are equally as many ways in which you can harm it. Something we’ve found that affects many of our client’s SEO is duplicate content.

To put it simply, Google doesn’t like duplicate content.

The problem is that if your content is being shown on multiple pages (both on and off site), Google doesn’t know which is the original source. The problem becomes worse when people start linking to different versions of the content, confusing Google even more.

If you’ve got duplicate content on your fashion blog or your content matches another website’s, you could (and most likely will) end up getting penalised by Google.

Identifying duplicate content issues

Worried that your fashion blog might be affected by duplicate content? One of the ways you can find out for sure is by logging into your Google Webmaster Tools. Click on Search Appearance > HTML Improvements and if there are any issues, they’ll show up.

If you’ve got duplicate titles or descriptions, Google Webmaster Tools will tell you. Click on them and you’ll be able to see the URLs on your website that have duplicated content issues.

Fixing duplicate content issues

If you’ve got duplication issues on your fashion blog, you’ll need to carry out a process known as canonicalization. To stop this from happening on your blog, we’ve outlined our simple steps below for unique content…

  1. Don’t create duplicate content

Make sure you don’t create any more duplicate content. Your content should be 100% unique on all pages of your fashion blog.

  1. Choose www or non-www

Create all of your URLs as www or non-www. Don’t have a mixture or you could end up with more duplicate content issues.

  1. Redirect your pages

If you’ve got both www and non-www versions of pages on your fashion blog, it’s a good idea to add in redirects. 301 redirects are permanent and will pass on link juice.  As a WordPress user, you can install the WordPress redirect plugin to create 301 redirects with ease.

  1. Create canonical URLs

Finally, you’ll need to create canonical links. A canonical link basically tells Google which page is the original source and therefore the one that should be indexed. All you need to do is add this code into the head section of pages with duplicate content:

<link rel=”canonical” href=”your_url_here/”/>

Google will then make sure that only your original sources of content are indexed and featured in searches.

Not as scary as you think!

Although duplicate content isn’t great for your fashion blog, the good news is that it’s easy to solve. By simply using canonical URLs, you can point Google in the right direction and prevent any SEO issues arising in the future. Will you be looking over your content this weekend? Let us know how you prevent duplicate content on your blog!



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