The Business Of Blogging: #CDPowerCouples

A few months ago we celebrated the power of relationships in the blogging world, and in particular the very special bond that you create with the bloggers in your network.

Here at CD, we’re constantly wowed by all the amazing influencers that are empowering women all around the world to have their own individual voice. A voice that becomes everyday more meaningful as they address, listen to and engage with others.

But just like they say that behind every great man there is a great woman, sometimes it might also happen that behind a successful woman there’s a supportive man. So today, we want to celebrate the power of romantic relationships in the blogging world, bringing you the thoughts of three of the most famous couples on the Web  through the voices of Thomas Berolzheimer, Naomi Davis, and Sazan Hendrix!!


Deciding to include your partner into your business is not an easy decision, however having constant support and a partner in crime there to help you and lift you up can truly make a difference. Power couples Julia and Thomas Berolzheimer of Gal Meets Glam, Naomi and Josh Davis of Love Taza and Sazan and Steve Hendrix know a thing or two about it! Together they’ve achieved incredible milestones, taking their business to the next level while living their romance.

What made you go into your business together?

Thomas: We started GMG together and we’ve always been a team. Before joining full time, we’d do whatever we needed to do in order to shoot. I would take long lunch breaks and we’d meet in order to shoot. Weekends we’d spend building up content. While I can’t say that I enjoyed photography during the first 2 years, I powered through and learned as much as I could. Finally when I felt comfortable with the camera, lighting and composition did I really start to enjoy it. At about that time I started working full time with Julia on GMG and we made huge strides with our business.

Naomi: Although Josh didn’t resign from his career in financial services until about 3 years ago to work on Love Taza full time alongside me, he was very much helping me since the beginning which I’m so thankful for. As Love Taza grew and the business part of it evolved, we saw a chance for the two of us to spend more time together, spend more time with our kids, and spend more time sharing the stories and lessons from our little adventures in life. I wouldn’t be able to do any of it without him.

Sazan: In all honesty, we loved an excuse to get to hang out together everyday. We knew we made a great team and that we could flourish if we put our minds/talents together.JUGGLING DAILY TASKS

Teamwork and a neat organization are key to bring ahead a successful business. Knowing each others’ strengths and splitting the work accordingly is important to reach great results but none of these are achievable without great communication skills.

What does your day to day look like?

Thomas: Our workdays are basically broken up into 3 parts. Business in the morning, shooting in the early afternoon and finally, writing and working on blogposts at night. On days that we shoot we like to head out of the house between 1 and 2pm. We’ll get back to the house around 4. We will work for an hour or two after returning and then we will take a break for dinner. After dinner Julia will finish up photo editing and start putting together the next day’s blogpost. Depending on the length of the post Julia will normally be finished anywhere between 10pm and 1am.

Naomi: Because we only have each other, and don’t have set hours for our work, each day looks very different from the next. We have learned communication and teamwork are crucial for running a successful business together alongside raising three little ones. Josh has taken on the role of photography and videography with me, as well as running the business, handling all the behind the scenes work on our partnerships, and other tasks so I can focus my time more on the kids when I am not writing posts or editing.

Sazan: Stevie has really transitioned in our world from being my BTS photographer and inbox manager to a key player who oversees all of our big campaigns and also brings fresh new ideas to the table. His role is very significant; in business and in personal, he has totally become the ying to my yang! I truly feel like I can’t function without him being close by on a day-to-day basis. It’s incredible how he has this unique ability to understand the business side but also helps inspire me to create the best content I can for my readership.


When working side by side with your significant other it’s important to know when to log out of your social media accounts and leave the world behind for a few hours. Life is all about having a good balance.

What’s your advice on a good work/personal life balance?

Thomas: I think anyone with their own business knows that there are things you’ll have to sacrifice in order to achieve ambitious business goals. I’d say the best advice I’ve ever learned is “If it’s not a ‘Hell Yes!’, then it’s a ‘No!’”. The problem with succeeding at something is that it rarely goes unnoticed, for better or worse, more and more opportunities will appear in front of you. Being the prideful, overachiever that you are, it’s so easy to say yes to the things that sound pretty interesting. The problem is, the more you add on, the less amount of time you have for those incredible opportunities that will have a huge impact in your personal life or career.

Naomi: We are still figuring out our work/personal life balance! I think the good thing about how we work is that we both prioritize the same things.The line can be blurry when we spend so much time together working and when we step back and just spend time together not talking about work.  We have tried to set a time aside each week for a date (even if it’s just staying in and being together) where we don’t chat about anything work related.  It can be hard sometimes, but it’s been really helpful. Shutting phones off and just spending quality time together always helps us feel refreshed and ready to get back at it all again the following day.

Sazan: Digital detox – now that is an amazing phrase! At 5pm everyday we literally unplug. When you work in the digital world, it’s hard not to look at your phone when you’re sitting on the couch at 9pm, but I think making a conscious effort to leave your phone in the other room is really healthy and it sets the right boundaries. We’ve also set a few rules, like no phones at the dinner table. We grew up in families where dinner time meant coming together and engaging in real-life conversations. We really love this time at the table even if we’re not in a super chatty mood – it’s nice to unplug from technology and be just be normal. Instagram isn’t going anywhere. 🙂


Like every other thing, having your partner as a business co-owner can be a wonderful and rewarding experience but it’s not easy every day!

What are the pros/cons of co-owning a business with your actual partner as opposed to an unrelated business partner?

Thomas: For us, there are mostly pros. We get to spend our entire day together. We get to work on something together that has elements that we are both very passionate about. I really enjoy the business and photography while Julia loves to be creative. Everyday I find myself more and more impressed by Julia’s talents and knowledge. I’d say the only con is knowing when to turn off from our work personalities.

Naomi: I think we’re fortunate that we get along well and if one of us maybe doesn’t enjoy a particular part of the work, the other one often excels. For example, the business management, accounting, deal negotiations and contracts I just don’t get, but it’s Josh’s cup of tea having come from a background in financial services. Sometimes it can be tricky when you know someone so well and already spend a lot of time together. It is important to remember to be patient with one another and also respectful of each other’s opinions or ideas as you would be in a proper professional setting.

Sazan: A pro and con: We tell it like it is! Sometimes we can be a little too honest with each other and hurt the other person’s feelings (hahah!) but honestly, I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

Sazan and Steve Hendrix of SazanWHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS

The blogosphere is unpredictable: it has changed and evolved so much throughout the years in ways that no one ever expected. So here’s what our #powercouples think about what the future holds:

Thomas: We are at a very interesting time in the blogging industry. The sheer amount of platforms to publish on is down right overwhelming. In my opinion, if you don’t have a solid content strategy for each platform then you shouldn’t be trying to pursue blogging as a career. On every platform that you publish on, you should be focused on what’s the unique value that you’re adding for one of your followers. Give people something different on each platform, customized for the user experience and different audiences. We are going to continue to invest in our website, it is the only thing that we own and control. I imagine that we will continue to experiment with new platforms and content formats when they emerge, while making sure they are relevant for the experience we are trying to provide to our followers. I think that we will have to grow our team in order to be successful in the future so that’s something I’m really focused on right now.

Naomi: Seeing how quickly the space has changed over the last few years, it’s hard to tell or know where we’ll be 3 years from now. I hope to always have some sort of platform to be able to share in one way or another the things I love and find worth celebrating in life. It’s been an incredible ride so far!

Sazan: The blogging industry isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s thriving and I am honestly looking forward to seeing how it will evolve. For me in three years, I know I’ll have baby #1 (I better Mr. Hendrix!!!! hahah) so I envision myself slowing down in the blogging world and continuing to expand and pursue the world of Bless – who knows what other cool Sazprises I’ll launch in the mix. 😉


Owning a business and growing it is an ongoing and rewarding endeavor but how great is it to be able to share it with someone you love? Couples (or better partners in crime!) like Julia and Thomas, Naomi and Josh, Sazan and Stevie (just to name a few) are the living proof of how incredible professional milestones can be achieved when you share your professional journey with your loved one. So here is to all our beautiful #CDPowerCouples: Happy Valentine’s Day!


xoxo Team CD! 


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