The Blogging Tips From 4 Top Publishers You Cannot Miss

Do you ever wonder how your favourite influencers managed to turn their blogs into successful businesses?

If that was a yes, it’s your lucky day!

For today’s post, we’ve rounded up top blogging advice from four of our fave lifestyle publishers: Brittany Xavier, Monica Welburn, Ella Gregory and Amanda Holstein.

Ready to learn some cool trade secrets?

Brittany from Thrifts and Threads


Here are Brittany’s tidbits of blogging advice to follow:

On Instagram:

  • Be consistent and create a publishing schedule for your photos.
  • Use Iconosquare analytics to map out your Instagram strategy: discover the best time to post, best performing hashtags, and the type of content which receives the highest engagement.
  • Use branded hashtags to get featured on popular accounts for massive exposure. In general, using hashtags is really important to consistently grow your following and boost engagement.

You can get more amazing insights from this post over at Thrifts and Threads!

On Blogging:

  • Create a snappy tagline to sum up what your blog is all about for first-time readers. This will help you to make a necessary introduction of what to expect on your website, plus map out your overall blog theme & niche.
  • Optimize your images for SEO: include keyword-rich file names, reduce image size and don’t forget about alt tags!
  • You need an email list to build better relationships with your readers, get instant traffic to newly published posts and establish a more private channel for important updates.

Check out Brittany’s SEO Basics for Bloggers post for more great tips!


Monica from The Elgin Avenue

Here are Monica’s words of blogging wisdom for those at the beginning of their journey:

  • Aim to educate, entertain or inspire your readers with each post you publish.
  • Research your article ahead of time. Good research + strong structure = great foundation for meaningful content.
  • Always review and edit your copy before hitting publish: How digestible is the information you are sharing? Have you explained everything clearly? Do you need to add an extra sentence, or remove a paragraph altogether?
  • Optimize the copy with Yoast plugin for better performance is search.

Make sure to also check out Monica’s top advice on creating epic blog content!


Ella from Coco’s Tea Party

Here’s our roundup of Ella’s advice on creating a striving blog:

  • Don’t be shy, network a lot with other bloggers – join discussions on Twitter, guest post, leave comments on other fashion blogs to find your tribe.
  • Post regularly no matter what. Feeling stuck? Create monthly/weekly features to fill in your calendar.
  • Create a fabulous About Me page. It’s the first place where new readers head to learn more. Introduce yourself and your blog, and write a clear introduction explaining what your blog promises to deliver.
  • Remember you are not obliged to write about everything just because you were offered a freebie. Be selective when it comes to working with PRs and brands, and make sure you choose to promote only products that align with your brand and readers’ interests.

Go find out more excellent tips in the beginners’ guide to blogging by Ella.


Amanda from Advice From Twenty-Something

While Amanda offers loads of practical advice on a daily basis, we’ve picked out her essential blogging tips for you:

  • Know your blog goal. Figure out the purpose of your blog and go back to it any time you need to make a decision about anything.
  • Get featured on larger websites to increase your pageviews and traffic. Most of the blogs you read daily most probably accept submissions! Check out contact/about pages or look for a dedicated submissions one.
  • Create an editorial calendar to store and organize your content ideas and related things. This way you’ll always know what and when to blog about and keep your schedule consistent. Here’s how to craft one!

For more valuable tips check out the Blogging 101 Series on Amanda’s blog!

Back to you: What’s the best advice you have gotten from them? What’s your favourite site to get girlboss blogging tips from? Share your tips in the comment section below!

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