The Blogging Business Key Nobody Is Talking About

In case you haven’t heard the news – I’ll be a mentor at Create&Cultivate LA!! Yes, the kick-ass conference Female Entrepreneurs in the Digital Space and all-around #girlbosses !!

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I’ve written a guest post at the amazing C&C blog on (what else would it be?) the unspoken key about successfully growing your blogging business. Check out an excerpt below!

“Bridging the gap between fashion and tech is essential to keep digital publishing thriving.” 

Being a style publisher in 2016 is a multi-faceted job if there ever was one. Creating blog posts, photoshoots, running a website, liaising with brands, networking, researching, snapping, Instagramming, and more – all within a week’s work. If you categorize all these tasks, you’ll see they fall into three block pillars: Content, Business Management, and Tech.

This division is technically right, but it doesn’t identify the most crucial factor: that all three pillars overlap, and understanding the intrinsic relationship between them is the key towards the longevity of your blogging business.

So what is this mysterious intersection between the pillars of your business? And why is it important to understand and develop it?

Head over to the Create&Cultivate blog to read the rest!

Chloé x

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