The Best WordPress Contact Forms Reviewed

Blogging is a two-way street. You share – you receive feedback.

Usually it comes as comments and social shares, but sometimes your readers would love to get in touch in a more private way – via email. And so do potential sponsors, fellow bloggers seeking for collabs or fans looking for other ways to connect with you.

Imagine having a phone that only allows you to send texts, but not receive those.  Horrible, right? That’s why your blog needs a sleek, reliable contact form. The one that would immediately forward all the important messages and filter out the spam.

Here are out top 5 choices: the best WordPress contact forms, reviewed and compared.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is arguably the easiest and most popular solution. Apart from offering an easy-to-use attractive form builder, they have some great add-ons e.g. multi forms, multiple style options, easy customization, plus a bunch of templates to create other types of forms i.e. contest entries, order forms, surveys, manage user-submissions and more.

The only con is the price. Personal accounts start at $39 per month.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a freemium plugin, offering an easy drag-and-drop form builder with unlimited emails support. Their spam-filter is really accurate and won’t let any unwanted message to slip in.  Also, you can get help from their support ninjas (pun intended) even if you have a free account. The reps are really helpful!

Jetpack by WordPress

The free Jetpack bundle contains a lot of useful website goodies including contact forms. You just need to find and enable their usage in the plugins settings.

Afterwards, you’ll have an “Add contact form” button available in your Post/Page editor. All you need to do is adjust the settings and paste it onto the page.

Cons: no customization or anti-spam protection available. But hey, it’s free.

Fast Secure Contact Form

This plugin offers a bunch of great customization options and is rather simple to use at the same time. You can enable CAPTCHA, make some design tweaks with CSS and take advantage of labels that help you keep multiple forms well organized.

Pros: It’s really secure, customizable and free. The user reviews are mostly raving.

Cons: The set-up process may seem a bit overwhelming for WordPress beginners. Plus, you need to know some basic HTML and CSS to make it look pretty.

Contact Form 7

Last but not least comes Contact Form 7 – the most commonly used free contact form. In fact, it has over 1 million installs and over 600 positive user reviews.

What makes it so attractive?

Straightforward user interface.

  • Multiple language support (60+).
  • You can create and manage multiforms.
  • Multiple anti-spam protection options: CAPTCHA, Akismet and Ajax powered submission.

Due to the massive popularity of this plugin, other developers created numerous extensions to power up Contact Form 7 e.g. Style plugin that allows you to use custom fonts, or the PayPal Integration add-on.


Check out more WordPress plugins we recommend using & share your questions about contact forms in the comment section below!

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