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The Best Apps To Fuel Your Blogging Business

Running your own business can be overwhelming at times – so little time, so much to do! Organizing photo shootings, editorial planning, attending brand meetings and interacting with your community – that could be a lot for a one-woman band.  

There’s one huge perk of pursuing entrepreneurship – being the boss of you. The truth is that most of you can have the demeanor of Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada”, but what happens when the over-worked blues roll in, making us feel absolutely sluggish and unproductive?

To avoid this vicious cycle you need to become better at managing your time and tackling the time-consuming business processes. And there are plenty of great apps for that which our team swear by. So here goes the lineup.  


  • Evernote is an absolute power-app that can help you do so many things. Capture and upload all sorts of notes – receipts, business cards, clip your favorite reads from the web, dictate quick memos on the go –  and the app also allows you to sync it with other doc sharing apps to have instant access to everything both online and offline.
  • Wunderlist is a great place to create and store daily to-do lists. We particularly love it for the sleek interface and the ability to share your chores with others. You can also set reminders for the most important things and create a neat prioritization list for the long-term plans.  
  • Trello – a simple visual project management tool to help you organize your day-to-day in a neat fashion. It’s perfect to plan your editorial calendar and work on blog posts as you can drag and drop files to each to-do and collaborate with others.  
  • Pocket – use it save interesting reads from all around the web for later. You can also use it to create lists of curated content for sharing on social media.
  • Slack is a better way to communicate and collaborate with others as, unlike other messenger apps nothing gets lost here, ever! Also, there are a lot of great public slack channels you can subscribe to if you want to connect with other entrepreneurs or receive industry updates. Team CD has one too.  
  • Motivation Daily & Positivity – for the times when you need a tad bit of inspiration and affirmation that you are doing great!   


  • Quickbooks is a life-saver during the tax season as it makes bookkeeping (and the least favorite tasks) so much easier. Use it to send professional invoices for client work, keep an eye on your earnings, and connect it with your business bank account to sync and categorize all the transactions.
  • Harvest helps you to track the time you spend on client’s projects (and personal ones if you like) and then add all billable hours and expenses into a professional invoice you can send out to the client. It integrates with PayPal, QuickBooks, Stripe, Xero and a bunch of other financial apps you may be using.
  • HelloSign allows you to create sleek business contracts, sign them online, and securely share with other parties. No more printing, scanning, and email back and forwards!  
  • Expensify – use it to create neat expense reports when you are expected to get compensated during a trip or an event. You can scan all the receipts, organize them, and send out digitally to anyone.


  • Buffer – schedule updates across all popular social media platforms and use it to manage all the incoming communications.
  • Workflow is a Swiss army knife of an app! It enables you to connect the best features of your applications and create custom workflows to suit your needs. For instance, you can create a voice memo in one tap, which would be saved to Dropbox and then added to your Reminders app.
  • IFTTT is a simpler version of Workflow. Browse their website to discover different “recipes” for creating productive routines e.g. sync new Instagram photos to a Pinterest board.
  • 1Password  – to keep all your passwords neatly organized and securely stored!
  • Boomerang for Gmail – schedule and send an email later. And if you are struggling with email productivity, go check our tips here.

We’ve also previously lined up the best photo and video editing apps for bloggers; the best blogging plugins for WordPress and great plugins to run competitions and giveaways. These will save you heaps of time too!

These are the essential apps to reduce the overwhelm of being an entrepreneur. If there’s one New Year’s resolution you should make and stick to, it should be taking your business management to the next level!  


Are you a CD Babe? Let’s work on this together! Get in touch with your support team or CD consultant for more insights, tips, and tricks!

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