The Benefits of adding Blog Comments to External Sites

The world of SEO is constantly changing, so much so that it’s hard for bloggers to keep up to date on what they should and shouldn’t be doing. A common question we get from our style publishers is whether or not there are any benefits to adding blog comments to external sites.

There’s no hiding that blog commenting has been the subject of a lot of bad press in recent years but try to put that to the back of your mind. Commenting on other blogs still has an important role to play in improving your fashion blog’s SEO as we discussed last week in the first part of our series, you’ve just got to make sure you go about it the right way!

Why is blog commenting beneficial?

If you’re finding that your fashion blog isn’t getting a lot of traffic from search engines, it may be because it isn’t ranking very highly. One way to boost your rankings is to get backlinks from other high authority and relevant blogs. Whilst guest posting is an option, leaving meaningful comments on other blogs, with a link back to your site is another way to boost your rankings.

Even if the blogger has set their comments to no-follow, you can still benefit from getting the links, as they’ll help to generate click-throughs to your own blog. Whilst it’ll cost you around £3 per click using Google Adwords, getting click-throughs from blog comments is completely free!

Finally, blog commenting can help you build up relationships with other bloggers. The more contacts you have, the better, as you never know, they may feature your blog in an upcoming post (helping to drive traffic your way) or even give you a guest posting opportunity.

Tips for leaving blog comments on external sites

As we mentioned before, there is a right and a wrong way to add blog comments to external sites and we want to make sure you do it the right way. Here are some of our top tips for leaving blog comments.

Only 1 – 2 per site

You don’t need to comment on every blog post with your link in order to benefit. In fact, it’s better if you only comment on one or two posts per blog, anymore and it can look like spam, which will have diminishing returns. Obviously if you have a relationship with the site owner that’s different, but generally for SEO purposes 1 to 2 post per site will work just fine!

Leave on relevant sites only

Don’t comment on any old site! Make sure you’re only leaving comments on high quality fashion (and related, e.g. personal style) blogs. This will ensure that you benefit from qualified free traffic.

Add high quality comments

If you leave a comment like ‘nice post’ or ‘great read’ it’s going to be seen as spam and may be deleted by the blogger or whatever spam tool they’re using. This is why it’s important to leave a high quality, insightful comment, make it obvious that you have actually read the post. Make sure that it is relevant to the post you’ve read and contributes something valuable to it. The better your comment is the more likely people are to click through to your blog. In particular NEVER copy and paste the same comment to multiple blogs, you wouldn’t want these types of comments on your own blog and neither do other blog owners. Treat other sites like you do your own is a great maxim! Also Google will know you are doing this (sadface).

Blog commenting is not something you should be scared of doing! It can be very beneficial for your own fashion blog, providing you make the effort to write unique and interesting comments. Make sure you check out the first part of our commenting series, and let us know your commenting tips: how do you utilise comments on external sites and blogs?



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4 responses to “The Benefits of adding Blog Comments to External Sites

  1. Hi Chloe,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your post. I have experienced a number of back links from other sites. There are almost 2,000 comments pending; which appear to be some robotic /spam system in a number of posts. Is there any benefit? Does it hurt my site? Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Yes it will if you make them live on your blog! Make sure you have the plugin that helps against spam called Akismet, then get a plugin called WP Comment Cleaner which will bulk delete those comments you don’t want!

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