The Art Of Linking: Internal Links vs Incoming Links

No matter what your SEO skills are, you would most certainly know that the smart practice of linking is very important in order to get your website to perform high on search engines.

Indeed, link building is considered a very successful and necessary SEO strategy that all publishers are advised to put into practice.

So in today’s post we’re discussing the two most basic types of links, which are also essential to boost your blog’s SEO ranking: internal and incoming links.


Simply put an internal link is a link that navigates between different pages of your blog. Internal links are a great way to promote your own content, allowing visitors to dig further through a certain topic on your site rather than having to go somewhere else, and at the same time allowing them to stay around longer.

Below we’ve outlined the main benefits of internal linking:

  • Page Ranking: Internal links can do wonders for your ranking as they help establishing your site’s architecture and hierarchy, spreading ranking power around your blog at the same time! Keep in mind that a clear structure is always highly favoured by search engines.
  • Index: A good number of internal links will help search engines to index your pages faster, classifying your site quicker and in a more accurate way. This results in your potential audience being able to find your site relatively easily on search engines as your blog will be correctly indexed.
  • User Experience: Ensure to use links that are natural for your readers, as this would create a better user experience. Don’t run the risk of overlinking for the sake of it, but make sure to link to only what is relevant.


On the other hand, external links direct your readers to other websites. Similarly, if another site links back to you that too falls under the definition of external link and can give an incredible boost to your SEO ranking. Search engines consider what other authoritative websites say about you much more reliable than what you ‘say’ about yourself.

Here are the other main benefits of external linking:

  • Page Ranking: As mentioned, if you link to another website this won’t impact your Page Rank but your ranking will improve if someone else links back to you. For this reason it’s very common for publishers to guest post on other blogs: they get their content featured on other high profile fashion and lifestyle sites and get a link back to their blog at the same time!
  • Site Authority: Every time your site is featured on another authority industry site, with a link directing people back to your blog, it goes a long way to building your own site authority. Indeed, chances are that those publishers’ audience will be interested in reading more of your content, hanging around longer on your blog.
  • New Readers: When you have high profile fashion and lifestyle sites linking back to your blog this helps you increase your traffic, attracting new readers. Indeed, when someone refers to your website you have higher chances to engage with a new and curious audience. Win!

Back to you! What is your linking strategy? Let us know in the comments below!

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