The 4 Best Chrome Extensions for Blogging, Content Sourcing, and SEO

Let’s be frank. How many times did you open your web browser to get some serious work done…and ended up aimlessly switching between shopping tabs and cute cat GIFs?  Just as many times as we did.

So let’s tackle this issue together. Browsers like Chrome are not just a quick window for busy browsing, they also come with a bunch of productive extensions—in-browser tools that can help you become better in whatever you do. Install the next four to help streamline your SEO, content sourcing, and blogging tasks.


HubSpot Collect


If you are like the majority of us, your bookmark area is an absolute mess. Whenever you really need to find that something you “saved for later”, you end up endlessly scrolling through a huge list of scattered titles. No fun at all.

HubSpot Collect—a new extension from HubSpot, the CRM hub for marketing/sales—promises to save you from that bookmark mess. Collect is a neat Chrome add-on that allows you to clip any information from around the web—texts, images, full documents—and save them into your HubSpot account.

Their big promise is to change the way you research and write online. You can scout for ideas online, save the best sources with this extension, assign tags and afterwards insert anything you have clipped into your blog post. Your team can also clip ideas to your account, speeding up that creative process.  

Similar free extensions to try:


For when you need to quickly audit a web page (yours or someone else’s), use Impacta. This extension delivers a great deal of SEO, content marketing, and social media information in one quick glance.

As a blogger, you will definitely appreciate the next two metrics:

“Buzz”: a quick “social media success” indicator for individual pages. Use to determine the most popular posts around your blog for further analysis (because you will want to replicate their success!).

“Impact”: a cumulative indicator showing per-page engagement, by taking into account the following factors: number of page views, comments, backlinks, click through rates etc.  Again, this one can help you get better at mapping out your content. And you can refer to this metric as leverage when negotiating with a new sponsor.

Similar free extensions to try:

  • MozBar—review tech characteristics of web pages
  • SEOquake—SEO metrics only
  • BuzzSumo—social media metrics only


This is not just for blogging, but for any kind of writing online. Grammarly can save you from a lot of embarrassing moments—sending a tweet with a typo, or an important email with a grammatical error. This extension will automatically highlight the mistake you are about to make and fix it for you.

You can also pair it with a free desktop version, where you can copy large pieces of texts or upload Word documents for proofreading, and Grammarly will catch all those pesky punctuation mistakes, typos, minor grammar issues, and spelling problems. Bye-bye silly errors online!

Quick Write Text Editor

This one is as simple as it gets—use this extension whenever you just need a minimalistic and distraction-free environment for writing online. It turns new tabs into a clean text editor that will auto-save your notes. Use it to dump your thoughts whenever you are researching something for your new post or engage in free writing to restore your creative mojo.

Didn’t find the tool you were looking for? Well, we have previously listed 46 great productivity apps for the ever-busy blog babes. Check up that line up next!


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