Team CD Celebrates International Women’s Day

Here at CD, we celebrate women’s achievements and their successes on a daily basis, and we constantly admire the way women empower each other. But today more than ever, we want to celebrate all the wonderful, strong women around the world, encourage them to pursue their dreams and not give up on their battles – because girl power is a thing and yes, the future is indeed female!

So to celebrate International Women’s Day we’ve decided to bring you the voices of some of our Team CD members and asked them to share their thoughts on the most inspiring women in their lives. Read on!

Claire Creagh (Account Consultant): When I was first asked this question I immediately thought of Kate Moss, my mum, and Adele. But on second thought I’ve decided to go with Meryl Streep. The reason why is because she’s such a skilled communicator as well as a talented actress: her speech at the Golden Globes demonstrated how you can be elegant and authorative, inspirational and a realist all at the same time! She once said that to be the first female in anything you need “Grit and Grace” and that really resonated with me. It sums up her style and how you don’t have to be aggressive to be heard, but you do have to be tough to get what you want!

Victor Larodiel (Developer): I believe that throughout the course of a man’s life, he doesn’t only have one special woman. Instead, I think that all the women he meets leave something significant to him. Women are fundamental, and on this special day I would like to wish the best to all of them and hope that everybody will recognize how important they are because in the end, we are nothing without the woman who gave us life. So today more than ever I want to celebrate my mum for being the strong woman that she is, always by my side. She supports me, gives me strength, and always reassures me that “in the end everything will be fine”. 

Alessia Maddaloni (Designer): If I could describe who I aim to be in my life I would definitely say: Someone who is not afraid to be who she wants to be – strong, elegant and feminine, cultured and inspiring, with a strong presence and a free mind. Someone who is always ready to fight to achieve what she wants in her life. I think that my mum inspired me most out of these qualities, thanks to the education she gave me and always encouraging me to try my best in order to go far beyond my limits. Although I have met many inspiring women in my life, if I should mention someone else, apart from my mum, who reminds me of this image of a woman, I would say Beyoncé. Simply because of the concepts behind her songs, her strong presence and her inspirational attitude.

Natalie Tuffuoh (Marketing Manager): Ok, this is a tricky one! I am surrounded by so many inspirational women on a daily basis (seriously, all I know is ah-mazing women). So if I had to narrow this down I would have to go for three groups of people!

Firstly, all of the amazing females in my family! My family is 90% female and these women are fearless, mind strong and inspiring black females who have taught me the importance of being unapologetic for who I am and to never settle for less. Just for this, they will always remain number one.

Secondly, the women of Team CD! This is simply because of their sheer intelligence, girlbossness (I am claiming this as a word even if it isn’t, ha) and confidence in what they do. I am legit mind blown by their knowledge and kindness and this inspires me to want to be a better career woman on so many levels!

My final choice goes to Chrissy Tiegan, simply because she makes me L-O-L on a daily basis, and I feel like we should be friends IRL! I read her recent interview with Glamour and I can only admire her bravery and honesty. Also, she is comeback queen and anyone who isn’t afraid to speak up is a winner in my eyes!

Sol Jaureguibeitia (Services & Operations): Growing up, my role models were mostly male; historic figures, football players, musicians with husky voices , scientists, politicians – you name it! I was utopian enough to think people are people, and that was it. And so the lack of strong, incredible, successful, and even flawed women to look up to, in school books and in the media, went completely unnoticed.

But it doesn’t go unnoticed now, and for that I think it’s important to celebrate e-ve-ry woman. The secret names all around us, in the past and in the present, that carry the weight of their world on their shoulders and do so silently, subtly, elegantly – strongly. Every woman has an untold story, and they might not all be beautiful but they are all definitely worth sharing. The stories of women who are unspoken of. These are the women I want to celebrate. The ones who’ve never been profiled on The New Yorker because their insanely-successful-by-any-human-standard companies didn’t make the cut to the article. The overachievers and the underdogs. My mum, who instead of shaping my universe keeps asking the difficult questions so I shape it myself. Ok, ok – all mums. The women who don’t have college anecdotes to share because only their brothers went to university. The ones who stood second, fifth, last row at human rights and women’s suffrage marches and didn’t get immortalised in iconic photographs.

Let’s celebrate all women, every day, and at all stages. Let the Maya Angelou’s, Simone de Beauvoir’s, Virginia Wolf’s and Solange’s of the world be not the exception, not the anecdote in the book, but the rule. The book cover.

Yes, the future is female – it is! But let’s also remember that the past is female. The present is female. It’s all ours.


Happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing women out there!

xoxo Team CD!

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