Downloadable Hub

Downloadable Hub


A Resource Hub is the ultimate way to give back to your community and show off your insights and knowledge that others can benefit from!

You can grow your lead generation list by asking users to sign-up to gain access to the downloadable hub page with the use of a widget. This is usually a categorised page with PDF download features. The page traditionally features the following:

  • Lead generation widget for users to sign-up to gain access to receive the downloadable.
  • Heading and intro text.
  • Categories.
  • Large, beautiful images with descriptor text.
  • Click to download content.
  • Downloadable Hub designs
  • Mobile Ready
  • Design Mockups
  • 1x Design Review
  • Development On Site and integration with your menu.
  • Launch
The Fine Print

Timeframe: 8-12 weeks from start