Seasonal Content vs Evergreen Content: The Eternal Dilemma

Great content represents the foundation of every great blog. Of course, it varies according to the blogger’s writing style and main focus but overall it can be grouped into two categories: evergreen content and seasonal content.

How many people have suggested that you need to create timeless content? We bet it’s just as many as the ones that told you to jump on the latest trend bandwagon! This is why we’ve decided to dig into the topic to help you make an informed decision next time you’re working on your editorial strategy. Read on!

Seasonal Content

Seasonal content or Topical content features something currently happening in the industry, i.e. a social platform’s new guidelines, Fashion week month, etc. It’s also important to differentiate between time-based and event-based content. Time-based content usually revolves around a specific season (summer, winter) or can be month by month while event-based content is prepared for a specific awaited event like Christmas, Seasonal Sales, etc.

Here are a few key advantages of posting topical content:

  • More buzz around it – Seasonal pieces usually get a great deal of traffic since they satisfy readers’ current needs and interests. For example, during the Fashion Week month, audiences typically show a high interest in how you styled yourself in New York or in Milan at the latest Gucci show.
  • Relevancy – Posting seasonal content proves that you want to produce content that is relevant to your audience. For this reason it might resonate more among your audience and help you build a sense of trust and loyalty.
  • Perception – Meeting your readers’ needs and interests helps you to be perceived as a style publisher that they can turn to every time something new’s happening as your audiences know that you’ve got them covered! You also push forward the message that your brand is current and on top of every trend.

Evergreen Content

Creating timeless content however, is just as important. Evergreen content is indeed, something that is meant to last forever as it’s always relevant, regardless of seasonal changes or specific events. Here are a few pros:

  • It can be published anytime – Which also means that there are no excuses to procrastinate! Evergreen content can be produced at any time of the year so take advantage of those quieter periods to write down something that you’ll then be able to publish during the busiest times
  • It never falls out of style – Which is probably its main strength! Timeless content can be reworked and re-proposed anytime, as long as you remember to check that its links are always updated!
  • Authority- Having evergreen content live on your blog, reinforces your authority as it feeds the idea that you are an all-round publisher that isn’t just for the here and now.


Overall, both seasonal and evergreen content should be key pillars of your editorial strategy and there should always be a good balance between the two. And when in doubt think about your readers and what they might need the most, after all they’re the ones you’re producing content for!


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