Returning Users: The Value and Importance for Lifestyle Publishers

Most lifestyle publishers when they take a close look at their analytics, notice that around 70%-85% of people who visit their blog don’t come back for more.

These numbers mean that the first visit to your website will be crucial for retaining and engaging those people.

While generating consistent new traffic to your blog is super important, forgetting about the returning visitors is a mistake you cannot afford to make. Here’s why…

Returning Visitors are More Responsive to Your Marketing and Pitches

Influence is built on trust. And most people don’t rush to trust someone they don’t know well enough. Making a good first impression is always hard. In the blogging world even more so as the competition for people’s attention is tougher.

So the new visitors may be reluctant to engage with your recommendations, act on your pitches, and respond to your collabs with sponsors. Returning visitors, on the contrary, already know what you are all about, what they can expect from you, and why your suggestions are priceless. All of these sentiments combined will allow you to effectively market to them and generate high engagement around your content.

The secret to building such relationships is by consistently asking yourself—“am I providing enough value to my new readers?” and “what would encourage this person to come back to my website once again?”.

Returning Visitors Carry More Value Per Head

Habits have incredible power over us. Once we fall into the habit of doing something regularly (shopping from a particular website, reading a particular blog) it will take a lot of time to break that habit.

Did you know that most “big name” brands gain most of their profits from the same group of buyers every time? That’s how powerful habits can be.

More returning visitors means that you have a loyal cluster of amazing peeps ready to listen to your message, engage with your content, and promote it to others—expanding your reach even further.

Maintaining Returning Visitors is Easier Than You Think

Think about all the steps you need to take to capture the attention of a new reader—research and publish an epic blog post, optimize it for SEO and wait out till it starts ranking, promote the heck out of it on social media, and so on.

Then it will likely take some more steps to persuade that new reader to purchase your product or interact with your affiliate links/promo deals. All of this is a huge effort on your part.

A returning visitor needs way fewer interactions and convincing to engage with your content and offers. They already know what to expect from you and oftentimes come to your blog in a “shopping state of mind” or specifically to get some recommendations.

How to Generate More Returning Users for Your Blog

While there is no one-size-fits-it-all approach to bringing people back to your blog, there are several essentials steps you can take to solicit returning visits:

Newsletter + Email Marketing
Getting more people on your email list is an essential mechanism for re-engagement. Through email, you can stay in touch and consistently draw people’s attention towards your new content.


Publish consistently.

Both new and returning users will benefit from this. Fresh content is what draws people to your blog in the first place and keeps them coming back. The more unique and compelling content you publish, the more frequently people will choose to revisit your blog. Having an editorial calendar can help you get better with publishing consistently.

Improve on-site experience.

Slow websites create low patience with users. Every one-second delay in page loading time leads to a 16 percent decrease in users satisfaction and an 11 percent drop in page views. Twister navigation (or no proper navigation at all!) further reduces your chances of capturing a returning visitor.

Invest in building a superior user experience.

Team CD are always within short reach if you need help with that!

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