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Quick Steps To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Mobile represents 65% of digital media time and is becoming the top source of traffic for most websites. But since mobile devices have smaller screens, a blog’s design may not appear the same as on desktop and laptops. This is why having a mobile friendly site is a top requirement to make sure that your readers have a remarkable user experience on your blog, wherever they are accessing it from.

So here are a few tips to help you turn your blog into a fully mobile-friendly site!


Given that we live in a digital era, it’s utterly important to have a responsive theme. Indeed, a responsive theme will make sure that your blog will perfectly load on all screen sizes (i.e. desktop, mobile, tablet) and adapt to all the resolution differences that there might be even between same-size screens. This way all your content will resize to fit smaller or larger screens without the need to purchase a separate mobile theme, win-win!


There are tonnes of plugins available on the world wide web and not all of them will actually add something to the front-end – which is the interface that your readers engage with. There are some, however, like widgets and/or CTA buttons that actually do, so it’s very important that they scale down on a mobile screen! Otherwise, there are high chances that they will take a huge chunk of the screen and impact your audience’s user experience.


Here’s the big news, Google has started to penalise sites with very intrusive pop-ups that cover the majority of the content. This doesn’t apply to your email subscribing opt-in, providing that it scales according to the screen used to access it. Instead, opt for disabling all the intrusive pop-ups on mobile devices, which is an option that most opt-ins providers have.


Finally, your blog might look great on your phone but it’s important to know if it is actually responsive on all types (and sizes) of mobile! Wondering how to do it? Just head over to Google’s Mobile Friendly Test page and insert your site’s URL. If you get a green…well done! Your site is a yay for all your mobile readers!


Back to you! Are you a chloédigital publisher? Take action with this post by asking your support specialist how to make your blog more mobile friendly!

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