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3 Quick Things You Can Do When Someone Steals Your Content

3 Quick Things You Can Do When Someone Steals Your Content

3 Quick Things You Can Do When Someone Steals Your Content

As we settle into 2023, we are seeing more and more instances of bloggers having their posts used by third parties without proper authorization. Today's post will walk you through what to do if you discover that someone has stolen your blog content.

Disclaimer: this is not legal advice, always consult a lawyer. FRIENDLY TIP: Bookmark this article in case you need it in the future.

What to Do When Someone Steals Your Blog Content

1. Contact Their Host

Contacting the host is normally the quickest way to have the content remove and have the website flagged by copyright infringement. You can check what host the third party is using by going to Who Is Hosting This and searching for the URL of the site that has stolen your content. Next check the host contact details and email them explaining the situation with some examples attached as proof.

2. Submit a DMCA Complaint via Google Legal Support

File a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint against the website that features your stolen content. Under applicable laws, Google will help you reporting the content you would like removed from Google's services.

3. Have a Copyright Notice in Place

You should have a copyright policy in place in order to protect your content legally. Speak with a legal advisor specialized in copyright to create a Terms of Use mentioning the implications of using your content without explicit permission. Once you have a copyright policy in place in your Terms of Use, make sure it is visible on your website to easily let your users know that unauthorized use of your work is a violation of your rights as the creator. WordPress has a great example of the kind of copyright notice that could be used.

It's hard enough to produce good content; don't let thieves get the credit for your hard work.

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