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Strategic Thinking

How one new blogger grew her traffic by 1879% in a year

How one new blogger grew her traffic by 1879% in a year

How one new blogger grew her traffic by 1879% in a year

Cats & Coffee was launched in August 2018 by Christine Csencsitz with the aim of sharing her interests in history, entertainment, vegetarian meals, beauty and women’s style with a lookalike audience. Her background is in law, political science, and English literature and at first, she planned for Cats & Coffee to be a way to build a writing portfolio. It was a nice creative diversion from her day job in domestic violence law, and a way to hone her writing.

When Chris joined the chloédigital VIP membership tier in March 2019, she couldn’t stick to a content calendar and was having troubles deciding what to write about. The only platform she would normally use to drive traffic to her blog was Pinterest. She was posting once a week on her blog and getting around 200 monthly pageviews and 100 users per month.

After an initial audit and a tailored strategic roadmap, Cats & Coffee started to increase its readership. After 5 months, Chris was feeling “more creative, motivated with the [new] audience coming.” Sticking to a content calendar was easier when she saw the results and connected the dots between Copy, Growth, Tech for Growth and her business’s mission.

On the chloédigital VIP membership, we work on strategic roadmaps to focus on a specific area at each time providing all the tips and audits our CDBabes need to succeed. See below the timeline we applied in this case:

chloédigital implemented tech for growth techniques by adding new features to a new theme like related posts so visitors will visit more pages per session, a bespoke Favicon and Pin button to increase brand awareness and shareability, migrating the domain to a different host to increase speed and reliability, adding a secure protocol and installing a recipe plugin. The house, aka the blog, was ready to welcome more visitors offering a great user experience.

At the same time, Cats & Coffee increased frequency on blog posts to audit what content resonated better with the audience and implemented strategies on increasing traffic by working channels such as Organic, Instagram and Pinterest. Every month we will audit the results to streamline our tactics and the editorial calendar.

Through the year, Chris learned how to find inspiration to create new content, what lens to use to show her mission, and even how to successfully re-publish old content. Feeling more knowledgeable on SEO and how to promote her blog in different social media platforms gave her a confidence boost to keep her blog active and thriving.

In one year of strategic thinking and implementation around Copy, Growth and Business, Cats & Coffee achieved the following results: 

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