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Content Creation Trends Every Creator needs to Know

Content Creation Trends Every Creator needs to Know

Content Creation Trends Every Creator needs to Know

What content should you focus on? What content should you create as a content creator? Frequently asked questions from our clients and there are always many factors influencing the answers: your audience, your expertise, your mission, your goals and the trends we are seeing across the industry. In this article, we will focus on the latest, revealing to you 12 trends that will shape content success in 2021.2020 had a big influence on what you will see (and produce) this year. It is also undeniable the effect of technology and social media features trends when we are looking into content creation trends for 2021.With our daily work with content creators and market observation, we gathered the trends that will shape content success in 2021 divided by three different areas: format, type and target.

2021 Content Creation TrendsContent Format

  1. More and more, brand collabs would look like commercial tv & print ads.
  2. We will see more content creators mimicking e-commerce platforms in the way they present recommended products.
  3. The influencer will become the visual merchandiser extension
 for brands to reach a wider and online savvy audience.
  4. We will see more series and more multimedia cross-channel content to increase the engagement with multiple audiences (reader, follower & subscriber).
  5. Video format will have a highlighted place everywhere: on Instagram, Pinterest, Google results, on your blog and newsletter. Apps, like Lifelapse, can easily help you to create stop-motion videos to share with your audience (and even pitch to brands).
  6. Educational content will still have an important focus. This time, we will see more social and digital learning experiences coming to life.

Emotional Content

  1. Emotional context is key to connect with an audience. A good content creator will reveal its feelings but also social listening to its audience perspective.
  2. User-Generated Content (UGC) is still massively undervalued
 and we are expecting to see more light on UGC practices in 2021.
  3. Overall, we will keep walking towards better representation. Inclusivity will be key to win the heart of an activist audience and should be included on your 2021 intentions.

Targeted Content

  1. Audience segmentation is going to be even more important to create content tailored to specific personas.
  2. We will see more quizzes, bots and artificial intelligence tools to help create personalised content.
  3. Based on the two points above, we can expect more exclusive content to nurture target groups.

We will totally recommend you to keep these 2021 content creation trends in mind when creating and planning your content in the future. Once you are focus on elevating your content, you can also take part in our CDContentChallenge to start your year off right.

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