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Build an Engaging Email Content Strategy

Build an Engaging Email Content Strategy

Build an Engaging Email Content Strategy

As brands move ever increasingly towards partnering with influencers with demonstrably engaged audiences, prioritising those that have direct communication with them, it’s clear that Email Marketing should be on your 2023 agenda.

Building an effective and engaging email marketing content strategy from scratch can be an overwhelming task. So let us help you carve out a great plan with some rules to abide by when building an engaging email content strategy:

Rule 1: Articulate Value

It’s wise to map out what value your readership will be getting from these extra touchpoints and how this will compel them to maintain an active subscription. This should be tangibly different from the value you give from social given that you hope for a reader to follow you holistically.

Rule 2: Be Purposeful

Herein lies what makes each email marketing strategy different – the content. Shorter emails with clear and simple actions work significantly better than longer emails with multiple action points. Break each action you want to drive into its own newsletter type and think about when it is optimal to send them.

For example:

Sending a commercial email towards the end of the working week as more people are likely to window shop at this time (action: shop)


Sending an editor’s note/journal at the weekend when your audience is most likely to engage with you and read longer copy (action: engage)

Rule 3: Hypothesize & Test

Once you’ve built your hypothetical email marketing structure it’s a wise decision to AB test different variations of your emails to establish your own best practice. Things you could test: subject lines, timing, layout, image choice, CTA placement etc. Try to build your hypothesis before your test so you know what to look out for in the results and tweak accordingly.

Ready? Go get ’em with your engaging email content! Need some jazzy newsletters that match your brand? Check out our cdbabe newsletter packages.

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