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8 Must-Have #BossBabe Apps For Setting and Crushing Your Goals

8 Must-Have #BossBabe Apps For Setting and Crushing Your Goals

8 Must-Have #BossBabe Apps For Setting and Crushing Your Goals

We know the blogging business overwhelm can cause your productivity to sink at times. So we've rounded up the best apps for setting and slaying your goals ASAP. Keep reading to learn about the apps we recommend and why!


If you’re looking for a simple to-do list app that syncs with your calendar, Any.do is a great choice. Its clutter-free interface makes it easy to organize tasks on the go.


Strides makes it easy to turn your goals into habits by breaking them down into manageable steps and helping you track your progress. Whether you want to reach a certain income threshold or invest more time in growing your Pinterest account, this app will help you stay focused and keep you going until you slay that goal!


Asana is a great tool to help you plan and manage your projects. You can create private and joint projects, review everyone’s input, and exchange quick messages with other team members. You can also assign deadlines and send nudges whenever needed so that no task falls through the cracks.


Building a good habit can be difficult, but the key is consistency. You might be struggling to keep up with your promise to get some work done. Momentum will gently nudge you to complete added actions daily. As your "chain of habits" grows longer, you are less likely to quit and more likely to succeed. So if you are working towards a major goal, but feel like you're getting sidetracked somewhere along the way, this app will keep you on track!


Thanks to social media, our attention spans have diminished to just a few seconds. With constant notifications popping up here and there, it has become increasingly hard to stay focused on the job at hand. So if you need more zen in your life, Zenify will send you short meditative assignments and awareness reminders throughout your day to help you stay focused, mindful, and stress-free.


Want to reclaim your free time? Toggl will help you pinpoint exactly what you do when in front of the screen – both your phone and laptop screen. This way you’ll know exactly how much of your time goes into editing photos, answering emails or mindlessly browsing Instagram ☺. You can put a price on your time, and eliminate low-value tasks so you can focus on your major goals.

So now you have no more excuses for not actioning your goals. Start pursuing every single bold idea that you have jotted down in your notebook with the help of these apps—you've got them all covered! Tell us: which ones are your favorites?

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