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5 Key Points To Include In Your Blog Manifesto

5 Key Points To Include In Your Blog Manifesto

5 Key Points To Include In Your Blog Manifesto

Now more than ever, it's important to step back and reevaluate your brand's vision and mission. At chloedigital, We encourage our clients to take this time to recalibrate their values. You already know that having a killer about me page is essential for establishing better relationships with your readers and converting them into long-term fans.

But what about your blog manifesto?  Think of it as a brief summary of your blog's passion and purpose that helps readers connect with you and your blog. Your blog manifesto should help you get a better idea of what you do and why you do it. It's your roadmap to your blogging business goals, while also a tool to let your audience know how they can benefit from visiting your site.

Let's take a second to debrief, a blog manifesto can help you:

  • Keep a razor sharp focus of your personal brand and align your content strategy accordingly.
  • Give your audience a quick grasp of what your blog is all about.
  • Stay motivated and display your goals and intentions for everyone to see.

Here's What To Include In Your Blog Manifesto

You don’t need to type a lengthy piece (unless you feel like it, of course!). Focus on briefly using these 5 steps to get started:

  1. The Values Behind Your Blog and Business. What do you stand for? What type of community would you like to attract? Maybe people who share your values for mindful living? Or those who believe that life is more fun when filled with appealing things? Briefly sum up the values you find important, as well as those which you’d love to promote via your blog.
  1. Figure Out Your Passion(s). What gets your heart pounding? What makes you feel so driven that you spend endless hours on polishing your writing to perfection? Passion spreads! Sharing it in your manifesto will not only keep you inspired to work further on your blog business, but also instill a spark of excitement inside your readers and connect with them more intimately.
  2. Define Your Strengths (and focus on them). Everybody has their strengths. You may know more about moving to another country or learning a second language. These small things are your unique strengths, and you should be using them to leverage your brand and make your personality shine through brighter.
  3. How Do You Want Others To See You? Imagine going out for coffee with your blog personality. What would that be like? What kind of a first impression would she make on a total stranger? Visiting your "About" page should bring this feeling to life for anyone who stops by.
  4. What is your blogging identity beyond your blog? To create a unique and recognizable brand, try imagining your blog as an offline store:
  1. How do you want it to look? What sort of aesthetics do you want to offer?
  2. How would you like customers to feel when they enter your boutique?
  3. As the brand owner, how do you want to be perceived by others?

Writing Tip: Free write all the thoughts you have on the following points to draft a first manifesto. Afterwards, re-read and sum it all up into a sharper, more coherent text.

Voila, you now have a blog manifesto to live by and help you stay focused on your goals (grand or small)!

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