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5 Blogging Challenges Every Influencer Faces (And How To Overcome Them)

5 Blogging Challenges Every Influencer Faces (And How To Overcome Them)

5 Blogging Challenges Every Influencer Faces (And How To Overcome Them)

When you launch a blog you soon realize that you'll likely encounter several challenges along the way. The blogging experience is a very rewarding one but just like every great thing it also hides difficulties and obstacles. However, these challenges shouldn’t scare you away but instead, strengthen your blogging voice and authority.In today’s post, we’re sharing five of the most common blogging challenges every influencer faces and tips on how to overcome them. Read on!


When you launch a blog, one of the first things you need to think about is finding a niche you want to write for and overcome the fear of connecting with your audience straight away. The way to tackle this is by sitting down and clearing up who you want your readership to be and clarifying what topics you want to talk about. Think about what your interests are and don’t just restrict yourself to one main subject (but at the same time don’t overdo it especially at the beginning, as you’ll have to keep it up and produce regular blog posts for every topic you want to touch). Here you can learn more on how to connect with your niche.


At the beginning of your blogging experience, it’ll be hard to immediately get readers to browse your blog and convince them to leave a comment on your posts, sharing their thoughts and experiences. This process might take longer time as the readers need to feel connected with you and trust you before opening up. This is why it can be a good idea to publish personal posts to give your audience some insights into your life before expecting them to do the same.Other times you might have the opposite problem and might receive too many comments...which are all spam and bring a lot of frustration to you and your readers. Learn how to fight them back in this post!


We live in a digital area and we’re surrounded by affirmed bloggers and new born ones every day. The competition that affects the blogging business has grown consistently over the past year as the scene evolved. So what can you do to stand up and make your voice heard?  There’s only one answer to this question: don’t blend in and make yourself stand out. How? By letting your personality shine through every word of your blog posts or every piece of clothing of your outfit posts!


When you’re a full-time blogger (and if not if you dedicate weekends and evenings of your time to your blog) you expect to get revenue from your website, directly or indirectly. Despite it being a concrete and achievable goal, you shouldn’t expect to make money straight away!Make a plan: include all the possible options you have to monetize from your site and as you go ahead with your blogging experience add all the new monetization strategies you come up with.Making money is, of course, an understandable priority, but it shouldn’t be the main one. Instead, focus on how to engage with your readers and secure returning visitors to your blog. The higher your content quality is, the higher your revenue will be!


Creativity is one of the words usually associated with style publishers but even the most creative person sometimes might face a block. So instead of letting the panic win and not meeting your blog’s deadlines, tackle the issue in the right way! For example, you can listen to a podcast or watch an inspiring video, have a look at your previous posts and find out which ones were the most successful amongst your audience. And don’t forget to treat yourself and have some you-time! Sometimes the best cure can be a relaxing SPA treatment with your gals!Back to you! Let us know what are your main blogging challenges in the comments below!

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