Pinterest Strategy 2021: the tactics to grow your reach and traffic

2020 was an incredible year for Pinterest in terms of results and number of users. The platform saw a YOY 30% increase on pin click-throughs and 60% increase in searches. As a content creator, how can you use Pinterest to grow your audience? What is the best Pinterest Strategy in 2021? How to be effective and get your content seen?

Before going into the 2021 Pinterest Strategy, we would like to address a myth we see often: my audience is not there. Allow us to prove you wrong with some insights shared by Pinterest in June 2020:

  • Women make up more than 60% of Pinterest global audience
  • Male Pinners are up nearly 50% year over year
  • Gen Z Pinners are up 50% year over year
  • Millennial Pinners are up 35% year over year

If your audience falls into any of the brackets mentioned above, keep reading to master your Pinterest Strategy. In this article, we will provide you with tips to:

  • Create regularly
  • Optimize for discovery
  • Organize your boards
  • Build your audience
  • Drive traffic to your website


2021 Pinterest Strategy

Create regular Pinterest Content

  1. Aim to create new content at least once a week to keep your profile fresh.
  2. Prioritize video pins, story pins (for applicable markets) and pins linking to your claimed domain.
  3. Avoid saving duplicate Pins. Repetitive saving can be disruptive and cause Pins to get flagged as spam.
  4. Use the scheduling tool to schedule Pins for future posting up to two weeks in advance.

Optimize your Pins for discovery

  1. Use a compelling, simple headline as your title.
  2. Add a detailed description to provide context and make it easier for people to find you in search.
  3. 500 characters are the max characters count for descriptions, but you should prioritize your key messages in the first 1-2 sentences.
  4. Include board descriptions to make sure Pins saved to that board appear to relevant audiences.
  5. Leverage search engine optimization (SEO) in your copy.
  6. Always put yourself in the mindset of your audience.
  7. A tip from Pinterest itself: “When you type a specific topic into the Pinterest search bar, the results for related pins will show up along with other relevant keywords—ones you may not have thought to use.”

Organize your Pinterest boards

  1. Most relevant at the beginning
  2. Categorize and describe boards to increase relevancy and SEO.
  3. Keep your boards updated. Archived boards are hidden, but anyone following the boards can still find them through the following tab or directly through the board URL.

Build your Pinterest audience

  1. Try capitalizing on a rising trend, or getting creative with the keywords in your descriptions to show up in new places, to new audiences.
  2. Use the Pinterest Trends page to see the latest trending topics and ideas at any time.
  3. Amplify your reach and grow your brand with improved topic tagging. This new feature provides highly personalized audience targeting and surfaces Pins within minutes to the users most likely to engage.


Drive traffic from Pinterest to your website

  1. Use text over your images and videos
  2. Add a Call-to-Action to your Pin to tease the audience to visit your page for more
  3. DIY, How-tos/Tutorials and Recipes are the types of content more popular to make the user leave the platform
  4. Track: On your Pinterest Analytics, look into the Pins with the most Impressions vs with the Most Clicks. Try to see the cause of the success and create more Pins similar to the ones that are performing better in terms of clicks.

Feeling extra motivated and with an intent for your 2021 Pinterest Strategy? Don’t forget to recycle the content you create on Pinterest to other platforms too, optimize results and save yourself some creation time.

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